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I and he each other together yet,at four years ago of in January。 That's we are exam of high school enter the university that one year。     It's the sole of high school in our hometown that we are together learning in that school,both we exam score belongs to the top of class,Maybe,at this time have someone familiar to me will said:Why do you only into the third grade of college when you learn and once again to study? But that just the sole of middle school that our small town so ordinary school,different the city school various of ability to select,at the all of the buddy exam score entire, not good in altemosphere,Even if achievement belongs to the top of the class how's again,for instance to say:you hunt the best beauty of a chick from chicken nest also cannot over one ordinary of phoenix,that's the reason。     I and he was the deskmate,from the most beginning silent to became don't want to look opposite of each other eyes ,cause?no reason,probaby is puberty mess

People the lifetime needs direction,however It's sole the leader are ourselves!

We  everyone of supertanker  is sailing  on the sea ,we ourselves are the only one helmsman and navigator,If Want  not capsize at sea,,successfully reaching  the lifetime to end,we are need hold the lifetime voyage direction


 When we were young,parent are the leader  for our growth,They led us learn walk and eat,learn use chopsticks,at that time our feel the  parent is the most strongest  supermen in world,however what difficult are able to  resolved in their there。

  With gradually to grow up,into reaching into the campus learn knowledge age,at above teacher's preaching,We also learn more knowledge and skills,at this time our lifetime leader who impart to knowledge for us a  teacher's,under their preaching,we have more deep step  to recognise of the world,we not only recognise what happens big and small stuff by near,also we recognise the society development from history,recognise the human how to step by step from barrenness to prosperity,from the backwardness to progress. realized where we grow up except on the earth on which we live,also have outer space,a universe...

 Per one stage,we have some leader,but only was  a stage,just likes when we were young,when are learned to walk,the parents will take off their hands ,let us go on by ourselves,however we have learned brave,along road to walk,while we are successfully at school,teacher's also will take off their hands,let's into the society big family continue go on walk of our life,this everyone must  pass the walk,nobody can escape,also nobody can cross this a stage,at this time we probably will encounter many difficult and setbacks,we also eventually get lonely one person faces to meet  all difficult problem,every times setbacks,must dare to face it,we can easier quickly adapt the development of society and survival,and thus have  more stronger power, face the next  most difficulties and setbacks;

 The pilots belong to own,In our near no long have teachers,the parents no longer for us  protect,all the wind and the rain need ourselves with body to  resist,we are build belong to own armor,make ourselves more stronger,can withstand the next to storm,people lifetime always  not will smoothly to the end,so need ourselves grasp correct direction,choose a route let self smoothly ashore route,so that our lifetime more reach perfection,

  Everyone experience different and also experiences environments different,no one can lead walk for which,at this time us,It's leader or ourselves,arrive the top of mountain not only the one ways,the others people agility,can go  one shortcut up,however i just a common people,to work harder,walk far for a little,around some a little slowly go up,eventually also walk the top of mountain,so this we need according to myself situation as self direction adjust,select the best that road to self beneficial,let us lifetime can go smoothly,It's not overturned in halfway,get it and loss again

 Make better lifetime the leader for self,also just have oneself that leader person.


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