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The new year When was coming which boyfriends haven't wrapped red enveloped for you, How did you think?

    Why does he don't have wrapped red enveloped me?    A girl, Right now is celebrating the new year the period, She intimate has told her said, he boyfriend how red envelop wrapped for her After the intimate asked her how many of red envelope do you received? She answered Haven't received any of the new year's gifts, Merely has received a words of happy new year.   Originally unhappy a little, like this under to compare, She unhappy for more, Even starting has doubted this passage of intercourse.    Guess and sense the boyfriend doesn't love self, Plan and intend to break up this passage of love.    That wrapped red envelopes celebrating the new year, Between the lovers, wrapped red envelopes, It was normal.    Yet, It always has a certain time, It doesn't obtain the all-girls, Properly could receive the red envelops from her boyfriend there, When celebrating new years, Your boyfriend hasn't wrapped red envelops for you in ever, Actually, You don't necessa

that year, I forgot myself

  Woke up in the dream, I suddenly discover,turn back head discover that I forgot myself    in dream, I abandoned by a certain person,iam in the corner by abandonment forgot。in crowded,none sense me exist in,I loudly shout,no see anyone back head。 I begin tense up,begining to fear,why have one able understand me,why none sense me in exsit?     just in this time, I accidentally heard some whisper。 the sound so light,cannot to see anyone,and also don’t know these sounds come from where spread。 only sense,it‘s should from so far distance to come。     “look at you,a little the color didn‘t have,the person by attract always due to the something its light,look at you ,aways dark everyday,don‘t have a little of the light,how to make another person know your exist”?heard this woman the sounds, another one don’t have to speak words,just in here whimper。 gradually,the sounds far away,left a piece quiet too。     These two-person are who?want to see but unable to see 。gradually, another scene appe

the person has gone,lonely and left the bless

   You early soon will hold the other person's hands and kiss the other person's lips and embrace the other person sleep, I also will wear the other person of rings and wear the other person of order wedding dress and hold the hands to be another new wife, Might you will kiss the other face accident think up me the face form, I might also depend on other shoulders in front appear out your smile the face, but this all no relationship with you, this is the youth period of cruel。     there is a kind of attitude called “put down”, there are states called “give up”, there is a kind of wise called “humble”, there is a kind of happiness called “defend”, and there is a kind of glad call“simple”, there is a kind of happiness called “treasure”, there is a kind of beauty called “self-confidence”, there is a kind of touch called “share”, there is a kind of real emotion call“take care”, there is a kind of warm call“thanksgiving”, there is a kind of successful call“insist”     love does not

There is a kind of emotion call "the love "

  There are kinds of intimate,relationship too thick,but no destiny to be intimate friends,just accident to talk in the phone,speak some no relate to self the stuff and not rerate to certain person,in heart understand yet。     there is a pal,It‘s intimate of the partner,each other understand and to trust,as the work and business left much time ,in the heart each other praise opposite ,but never to expression。     There is an internetmate,only through with phone,but in heart have each other,language to communicate,each other to encourage,in the night to a meeting of glad,only have the smile and nod,with fragment language to greeting。 There are many of friends,passion up my the youth dreams in ever,the youth daily,sloppy accompany follow,the time flies gradually gone,cannot wipe off the memorry,but cannot miss,together in a dream。     there is a kind of love,we are can‘t call “love”。     though,have the same heartbeat,the same of having a crush,meantime have suddenly to meet each other o

Your permission

I don‘t know if you remember those times after the passion, we lay on the bed, and you lay in my embrace: I ask you, get ready what children do you want? you said: how your plant so how many I have children。 At that time my double eyes the tears vague it‘s right, I didn’t have dared to wipe off the tears stay  corner  in eyes, It‘s afraid you will say to me“too weak ”, fear to say me: didn't like a man: Are you well in far the place?   We are each other familiar, not pleasure ever, you always remember in the heart by first time touch, You think too much and always the feeling it‘s me owe you many, feeling that not should that to do; at previous you to say apart me, I didn‘t have since let you stay on left, don‘t know whether remember at ever you said the word? probably, It’s just of no heart words, I was had deep the touch。 You are a sorrow of the women, had the bumpy of marriage, put self-locked in jail cannot go out, I cannot go in here too, the most for you the accompany, let yo

The red is raining fall down from head to foot

  The moon down raining yet、the red is raining, this rain seems like one generation and one generation of people who hardhearted killed too, and the sorrowful cry, too seem for this world、this building city of the past has many kinds of silent miss...     ”longweier” nowadays stands on that person of primary in common position, the capital the all of under her eye to see expose, but her heart doesn't have any half-point for military victory so feel enjoy scene。 vacuum hole、seems to take her all, all these it's a cause that person---north pole of the light     Yes, she doesn't love the north pole of the light, But It's not due to the north pole of the light to her not good or It's foe relationship, only blames the north pole of the light too perfect, perfectly It's didn't like one person, he just like one deity、one of letting all person admire、praise、but not dare to reach of the deity。 you can come to his bodyside, but no method to reach him, because his body

As emotion become thick, then the emotion gradually turn to thin

That a day afternoon,to looking for the many years of owe receipt you ago, I opened the chest of the bottom layer drawer,in the middle of position lay one pink color of hardly notebook,I not certainly and stand in there,lightly turn off the primary page,one of pure white of envelope drop down,the right down corner wrote a person name“haijiang”     that morning the sunsine,so tender,the wind lightly blow the trees stem,the bird lightly sing-song。 the “haijiang” embrace a bunch of rose flowers ,so lightly and quickly go come here,classroom in the atmosphere suddenly turn so quient,girls look at“haijiang” and look at me,the boys flip the mouths,loudly blow the whistle...     “haijiang” the face accident turn the red color,he looks at me,just silly to smile, I shyly down bow head,to pretend didn't see anythings,after the table on appearing that bunches of rose flowers,also have an envelope letter ,the right down corner write his name“haijiang”    We are together in that pretty of time

When has pregnancy later

I  walk on the path where ever you had together walked with you, the thick sorrow taste skipping my shoulder, as apart from you that a day it's me actually...     Just like the scenery of sunset, beginning regretted, pushed to crime, but for me  in windy woke up so weak pain。 In this world, only one person still remembers that night July 6th, one person of a chilly night, frozen the heart, there is kind of the dead it's a too long time that sense。 in a dream who I heard you said love me sneakily at me near。 dear young children, You and still it's you, that guard “YY“and guard the “hero team” of a small boy, that sits down and waits for his mother to cook food and wash laundry small boy, that only will when I need something which says” love me” small  boy。 you own a giant and strong body but have an always not ripe of the heart。 dear fo young children, You said“watermelon it's your husband” I am your wife It's of watermelon。 watermelon is cute and luscious and sweet。

Whom pink red color of high heel shoes

   My name call“baola” and at this time it's lunching moment, My room It's dark black all, I am playing with an unknown name tape, at my house where a broken drawer had find out。     The tape slowly gradually showing, It's the mental problem of a beautiful girl who gradually appears in front of the camera, then the girl is running and disappeared, in the front of the camera shows a pair of pink high heel shoes, pink color, It's me the best love one color, this color describe belongs to cute and various of young girls the heart of me。 the pink color high heel shoes began to move, It's seems like after what the stuff, at this time I see a pretty girl too, I saw the pretty girl again once, this time just like frightened that form, she is running underwear shoes, she was the back pink high heel shoes is after her 。how should I do? the shoes、the pink high heel shoes, after her so tightly, didn't have to give her to the breath of the chances。 once didn't and the w

Eternal the snow

   Do the windows outside have snowed? I lie down on the bed messed up thinking, boring every day I opened my phone and 。wonder whether you sent me a message? at this moment, my ear hears “daolang” the song belongs to the old song “2000 year the first of snow”, so familiar that the song, high sounds and great, around me to listen so many times still enjoy admiring, however Now to listen there are some special meaning and emotions。 I know this because of the far distance from you...     at such frozen cold winter mornings, generally say the person who It's so difficult to fall into emotions, but at this moment, my heart and soul are still so warm、so comfortable,there are kinds of so want to hug the world of that sense。 I know this is due to the far away of long-distance of you...Yes,, I ever attempt to doubt this world and the love, even disgusted this world and love, because I think those It's disguise。 sure these It's not me about this world have some disgust, it's onl

The love of the spring

 This year of spring after all the last year's differences, the spring festive just passed, My wife will be going back pregnant on sabbatical from her workplace unit Dongchengg” gas station, our children will be born in spring, and she will enjoy five months of happiness with me。    I don't know whether be able to bear of one quantified the father, but I know she must be a feather the mother。 I didn't admire females and never did。 but carefully to think, though I have my self of excellent section too, turn to the life, specific and It's real of the life, which one point she stronger than me。 although she isn't special to requesting me, whenever have one of the father's heart、one of the husband's emotions, these of duty It's me no method to get rid of them。     Most things let a person so difficult to forget that those stuff in last year, we are along going come here, spring flowers and autumn moon romantic the time so less, when each other separate still

What's the shape should be the loves?

   What is the love?at this time ,she hasn't methods to understand that loves belongs which original?      Ever she to think the love It's a mystery and pretty,ever she to think the love should be breeze blow the maples,It's should be thin the water long flow。 but now she is loving ,already fall in love with that shape。    he frankly to her the love again once ,told her who so miss about myself;he sincerely expects again,expectly the far distance of her who possible give the more sweetness。    however opposite of her silent sink yet,she still don't know why for along together ?and how to insist this far distance of the loves。     She ever dreams several times about the love of sweetness,Ever desire the love exciting。 but at this time ,why only left confuse and fear?she wants to express her miss to him,but at last only to silent to face,because she confuses ,and because her naive ,and because she messes up。     she accidentally discovers still don't have in imagine t

My dear belongs to her

    I again once with her produce conflict too,I know she will be using all of the cruel languages to hurt me。at this time I only will quietly bear her hurt words,Yes,It's right,with those cruel the hurt words。 meantime at this time,We seem isn't the mother and daughter,It's an enemy。 from the young to grow up,I early used to those cruel words yet,I even can know what the next to of words scold me ,however at this time of me,always quietly to bear her these languages bring to me the hurt。 anyone one sentence not speaking。at this time of me,always feeling,she didn't understand me,even didn't love me!  to regards too,this middle festive of the year It makes me the life so bad,I don't want to stay at home too,just can expect to go to school early,waiting so long time,, at last, It's going to home,While departing the home that a moment,I also don't have to say any words to them,I walk to go out the door gate who never the head to back ,only give them a back