This decade, I live like a joking

Before As my grandfather-in-law, dead,said let value two thousand billion of the house leave us,for this vow,I am one of 985 universities graduated student,in finally became a full work nanny,as my mother-in-law dead,i accidentally understand,In another person in eyes,Iam a clown same exit。     I call “Chen Jie”,just this year reach 28 old year,graduated a 985 of univesity,once at china and foreign corporate ship company duty do senior management。 before ten years we are getting married with my husband,because my mother-in-law of the house has a bit broad and bigger,so I always with my mother-in-law and father-in-law common live a room,usually elder aunt sister not often back home,every month I pay the life fees on time,mother、father-in-law duty cooking food and take care children,we are careful to working,one family also very pleasant。 the certain time when finished supper,everyone sits on the sofa watching tv,boring so talk about the house,father-in-law say out: while they are death,

Might I wander the eye?

The double hands enter pocket,No destination walk on the road between the company and home,since you are gone after,my life always stay on during between company and home,it seems like lack some color or else what。ago, every time I walk on the street district,Very special hope able to meeting you,just both meet to say:hello。 now I knew this impossible already,impossible meeting you again,because of you back to hometown yet.....

      this is a spring seaon,one of the love sprouting seaon,many of the single youth people begin tidy the winter of sorrow ,wear up the charming light-color to seek the another one of self,or direct to say seek own of the hunt。 I also gradually go out that sense to you,It‘s like the earth equaltor,not only far distance and repeat rhyme,can‘t look the end ,don’t have belongs us the endpoints。

   past some days I familiar a girl,just a little beautiful ,she is people‘s teacher,I buy a bunch of rose flowers give her,our emotions develop so fast,now she is my girlfriend。 whatever I touch with her in primary,It only for the pressure of urge get married or else want to forget you etc reason,Now I only the one words, I love her,love present of girlfriend,so love。 past some days watch a series of tv television,the man and women roles while getting married the emotions begin to appear crack,The first one I think it‘s her,real heart don’t want to see we are both certain a day will like in tv role that to quarrel, I don‘t want see her per time very sad, I think will do the best and be quantify of the husband。 love certain person,if say to forgot one person I feel it's impossible at all, I also don’t know why I write down this feet article,but not behalf I already cut down this emotion to you。 might in a heart that small emotions it‘s correct,write down this feet article for you,also worth have an end up。

   Might someone feel me of  wander eye,one of each other emotions didn‘t have throughout over to beginning to another an emotion,might someone feel me not pay responsibility to girlfriend,in

  Might someone feel me of wandering eye,one of each other emotions didn‘t have throughout over to beginning to another an emotion,might someone feel me  not pay responsibility ,in that time each other touch take some purpose don‘t let a person to

know,the emotions stuff who able to say clear? I think don’t have several the men not wander eye,just while both couples assemble family had responsibility ,in here I so thank to my girlfriend of in present,it‘s her help me go out the dark sky,it’s her bring me the warm and happiness loves,it‘s her let me every day filled full the energy,it’s her let me no longer admire that the couples lovers。 so I decide with her really to love ,the aim it‘s get married each other loves


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