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Don't frown upon it never has loved by certain people

    That people never has loved, It was didn't worth to touch?     Amid blind date, Nemerous people might would meet  that several person, The object of age in a fact not little yet, But it never has to loved, The experience of emotions was blank, Never loved with others ever.         To like this people, Might Not less of people would preceive exist frown.     Preceive the object never has loved, That was really incredible, It whether hide what problem? So caused like this case, otherwise, A normal the person, It impossible didn't loved.     Which would quite directly has like this ideas, When has like this ideas after, Merely just this one of problem might denny to object.     Then directly rejected with object to mutual contact, Put the object  outside of self life circle and exclusion.     Amid reality life, The men as well and the women,too. Nemerous were this ideas, and do it,too. Actually, Wecould let the mood relaxed a few.    Perhaps the person was kinkly, Coincidence

Elder brother,Are you good in present?

 That one year ,Youth period of me and you,we are under the sun down to running,on pasture to cheering,on the top of mountains louder shout and scream each other the name,long sounds voice come and go around,on valley walking repeat。 the time flies,ten years had passed ,at this pouring rains of original winter time,so suddenly to thinking up to you。 when each other departed who don't know far of a distance and near of distance,Are you well still now?     Each other to meeting in certain no exit of small station, pieces of small usual the things,Never to think up that even to touch up to you,sneakly to write a letter hand the workmate then to give you。 in the meantime I am so shocked,In TV that a scene It's really had happend,only I even don't know who you are。 I remember when looking at the letter the heart It's beating,that an envelope of the letter obtains deep emotions throughout to touch me yet。 carry in the stronger of curious heart。 meeting both each other appoint

Meeting,crush of nice and bitter sour

 The crush is one of don't have the end of single miss,have the nice and filled with bitter sour as well     Her crush intimate friends of him,with the time flies,good friends have put down some firm,relate to him,the good friends no longer have too many talk words。 opposite of her so strange to instead of that good friend's position。     He and she both belong the original primary school classmate,his family lives in very far of rural from her home distance ,get off school on weekend per times,He needs by her family beside road ,when he rides a car by her family that a moment which calls her nickname every time ,say several of sentence joking,she ever wears special eyesight reply him,the same with several of sentence the jokes respond him,very common pieces of classmate relationship,this pieces of relationship always keep reach two years too。    In high school in one grade ,he has into the best class of clever in the school ,however though she passes an exam in high school tha

Broken point、broken point

That Once upon a time no contact of the person get married at least,follow the other people,when we are separated each other for the whole six years after。 It's “jiaozi” take me the letters,,“jiaozi” It's usual to leak of the words and accident take a break to stab hurt of my heart。 suddenly I discover,I already so long and too long don't have to use the pen,as six years ago,you teach me how to write a diary,make per rhyme of the pen write into us the mark。 then at this time face to the time bell,I was silly that the one and the one write out of self the career,space hole,write the past of memory,too naive。    That around of the things always can't take off and ever take up the best soft place of in my heart,you are the first love of me, It seems the all。 it's the first time in dawn each other to meeting,the dark of road light to shine all of loves color,I have notices tightly the hand of you,stay to keep for me lift up that the black of wrinkle umbrella,then a bit

Meeting the best good of you

 In this world have so many people ,the only unique of me meeting with you,then there is a section of the treasure of fate with you。    I don't think so I am an excellent people,firmly character,easy grounch,there is so many of bad character in my body,only you said to me,you're so good。     one sentence of words,let me take off all of my disguise,so you become the best of friends。 As Just beginning ,we are both so intimate、we are speaking out all words about each other private secret inside、we are each other to encourage、we are each other embrace,at that time That become me the best of stronger depend on,but the two-person the more depend on opposite and familiar,the issue the more plus too。 just we are beginning to quarrel only for small things,several days to quarrel even,whoever don't acknowledge to fail at first。     We have too much nice of momery,whoever is sadness good,happy good as well,these all of us the relationship proof。 I am so, fortunately, we are able to to

Wander of three people

I make a decision with her to cherish,Just in tonight。    I am always quietly to fancy him,Only didn't dare to stand on in the front face of him,so I only attempt various tricks get social tool facebook of him,in a virtual network to chat with him。 I already with him to chat for a very long time ,Only I still don't have enough courage to stand in front of him。     But,I the more and the more love in him, It belongs to the secret of in my heart bottom,Even my best of pals also didn't tell her。 so It's sneaky and so calm down to fancy him    My best of pals say to me,She loves certain boys recently,He is so excellent。 I think too,because she original of so pretty and so excellent the girl,love in that a boy it so matches。 I ask her who that the boy,She reject reply me,she said:As we are both willing to together after telling me。      I so glad,we are both loves in certain person the same time,I think as wait for my best of love also agrees with me together after,I told to

Talk about the parents of the love

   About the parents of loves,Though I don't have really to explore, from to more than twenty years of along life together ,I seem also can sense from the parents of loves。 although It does not have the youth people of fresh flowers of romantic,The more don't have the rich people of luxury life,Yet there are a few flows of the stream,so long and so far。     The parents each other to meeting and get married at the old of rural。 It's older of a daughter in family,the weak of the body too early to bear family major economic source yet unable go to school and quit school,Ten years of the girl age below who carry on her younger brother、who holds her younger sister the hands uphill and downhill。 It's youngest the son of in family,Yet the parents too early had dead and the age contrast too big of elder cousin,Ten years old of the young children who unable get deserve shelter,Have to carry on backpacking leave village go outside ,the chance is right to meet both,in the outside

Talk about the real of loves

 I think that the reality of loves 、real love should have at below of several characters--    One of the loves I really to feeling ,It should have the most of importance of passion inside, It's given to passion,or to say devoted of passion。 these it's looks like the morality of preach,But you go to carefully to think,the really of the loves that are such。 If you love to certain person It's really,which You will think for her to do somethings ,It's can't hold of self,want to let her happly,must have such a kind of strong desire,and It's really not requested reward。 loves should give it's basic,It's  a kind of devote of passion, such a devoted of passion isn't the origin of concept,isn't the origin of ethic morality,isn't the origin of duty,It's the complete origin of emotion。 If the certain person who said love you,But just want to take her,only want  to pay out make you,He doesn't have to give you of passion,I to feel that It's ju

Grow on the bread of the tree women

Since the pals who introduce this movie is good,So I  use the part-time watching finished of this movie。 I want to speak ,Its how to feeling while I have seen done of the movie。     “linfang” and “chenyun” so romantic to love yet, after serval weeks of considering , they finally yet each other together。 the tale of a scene the more to look and the more abuse,It's to love each other,but ever due to various of reason hard-ranch make each other push so far more...“guanghui” follow own thinks with“xiaolv” to love ever,shortly of the joys that due to  gap too big so separate 。at last follow mother schedule ,with suitable of own of “weidong”to love after that the happiness gladly life together。 take one girl to say:love and bread ,how to choose these two?     I personally think which the love is found on the bread。 The body there are a lot of pals who get married and love the previous :the house、the car、deposit。 there are someones said me too reality,In fact, not that,I only own the phys

A lifetime intimate of couples

Please remember the husband who the real identity of intimate,there is this of answer whenever I think that for marriage or single female pals,for in present or in future of marriage It's very big useful to help。      I don't have to trust the love and don't pressure the marriage。 opposite,I trust the all of nice of love in the world,Envy and to follow the full of happiness of marriage。 but Have a look at our life, in reality, ,That hot to love of lover who how many people It's going into the happiness of marriaged?each other love are very happiness,filled naively。 as both to love hot that ever hope each other to love life the forever,each other love to become the white hair。 As walk into the marriage hall,begining for coal、rice、oil、salt of fragment life, ,understand the marriage is not imagine that pretty and plain,Husband also not the image that excellent care of。 therefore the marriage belongs to the tomb of love。      It's so fear of the marriaged?The husband It

Each other love to forever!

Maybe is the god of schedule,Maybe is fate determine,let me in the crowd of people accident to meeting you。    As I see you for the first time,I shock,My eyes No ways to move away。     I see your eyes,the same look at me too four eyes each other watching ,there is lightning and boom of shock   The eyes so have a deep pit,so watching,so desire,include hungry、fancy、crazy!    So,this is folk normal called:“first time to see,each other to love”    however,It's not feeling very strange,Just like each other has a fate。    Play movie《hongloumeng》role of “Jiabaoyu” ,“Lindaiyu”,both has the same fate in the past,first times to meeting just like an appointment。    No one for support,no one to call as well,You move foot step,straight to come here toward me。 I stand there isn't to move as well,foolish to wait for you near me,You walk go toward me finally,Look at me,I look at you as well,at this time ,Don't need to say any fo words,The eyes is the best of communicating tool,You tightly

“If don't honest of people ,"Please do not to bother”

  “Lejia”teacher ever posted a Facebook message,The probably means said:when “lejia” teacher of the first love,there is cinderella so love to him,that time of “lejia” teacher so chilly,too mean,and too firm,So he feel who if you love me should how to prove,The final one-day ,this cinderella girl ran away in finally,Exactly follow a richer of man,So“lejia” teacher to feel cinderella of girls is cause disgust poor live rich, to go to with girl quarrel for a moment。 until many of years then today,“lejia” teacher self be mature too,own money and power ,be able to turn back think this old memory , It acknowledges ,in original who the girls apart him, isn't caused him poor。     When young of an age that period often to think can drive a so wide of the cars take the best of like a girl at the hill road slowly to drive while the road is full of leaves,But Now I discover this is so different。 because of while driving a car the near don't have like girl belongs to self。 either ,While own

My ideal of love opinion

My Ideal to love opinion wishes It's so friendly,Both two-person be able to each  other stand out,while together to life would so glad,while not together to life still grad and freedom。    on the character It's suitable,have the common of the words theme,There is the common of interesting habit,there is the mind of common connect,May to discuss with other。 I hope that pieces of love are mature,is activity,can common to progress,rather the one side march many of ,want to pull another one side to go,Only he doesn't want to go。     It's can don't need together everyday,Only must have personal private space    Each of us outstanding ,each of us understands ,each of us is trust,each of us kindly。 We together communicate while what's happened of stuff,common of each to share。 I also don't want only one person to bear all of the things。      I think we may together to go travel many of place,common go to roaming,common to see this world,Face to possible will happen

Each of us hurries past of the arms,don't keep down memory

  After then,many of after then,You understand the finally,What the stuff who take for you,and what the things missing you are。     Unable go out myself made of confused,used to of alas,and also have used to his eyes in of you, not regular repeat,so that It's easy to make him confuse,make self habit of people。 and whenever  the memory in always don't want to dump and scared face to that mushy of love。 Believe one time of as fairy as nice,expectly a few not certainly of perfect。 It's early to know didn't have result,but still to insist it。 It's can be to say silly to insist。 because that obtain many of and many of insisting and firm,much too of describe and beauty,and too much and too real of trust and effort。    Ever of the love imagine to be beautiful of fairy tale,So make you be imagine became the perfect prince from the love of the fairy stories。 however, You just are a guest,there are a few not different。 accidentally a few to miss。    Escape the weak people tha

The white of hairs, you take me to roaming

I stay here this road of our are the most of a familiar street, that coffee shop at the turn corner, It’s the same decoration, but body near lack the one of you.sit by he windows position, look outside of people come and gone, attempt in crowded find that a familiar of body shadows.   Emotions back to three years before, the same place and the same of position, that two words you said so heartless, let me so disappointed. I calm myself say lie, said; Doesn’t matter, I still live very wonderfully If don’t have you exist. But you don’t know, as you apart have a someone cried as pouring rain, like a miss the way of children, can’t find go back of the home road. I want to left, but I know don’t have the ability to cover your go of direction, I don’t have the ability to let you stop down far go of step. I don’t want so that low head at the final, at least as you miss me that time, at separate let you feel me so friendly.   You don’t know, I will select around that street since. I fear I