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It is a common belief that children should be educated in a foreign language for children at primary school rather than secondary school. While this issue is beneficial to some extent, I strongly side with it. No doubt, it is much better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school because children are fast learners and acquiring a new language is good for their neurological development.

Firstly, at primary school, children can learn faster than that at secondary school. It is true that children are between five and nine years old have the capacity to remember things fast twice as people in another age group. For instance, in China children can learn three languages such as German, English, and France at an early age.

Secondly, learning a foreign language is helpful for developing a child’s brain. One research has shown that learning any language could activate various new parts, which were never used before in their brain. Hence, schools also have to play an important role to generate a suitable environment and methods for children learning the language.

On the other hand, at secondary school, pupils have to learn more subjects, which are compulsory in the curriculum such as Chemistry, Biology, and History. Therefore, they have to spend time learning more subjects, leading to a lack of time to learn another language. In addition, in modern days, it is necessary that children have to learn a foreign language. These days, workers prefer working at a multinational company, where it has high salary and healthy working place. Hence, pupils have to be multilingual to have more job prospects in these companies.

To sum up, instruction in a second language at elementary school is better than leaving it until later in life because kids learn new languages quickly when young and language learning has a beneficial effect on kids' growing brains. It is without a doubt that despite a few burdensome aspects, this issue would still do more good than harm.

4,Chief;hello,comrades! Soldier; good leader! Head; all comrades are tanned! soldier; the chief is darker! The chief patted a soldier's chest and said; how good this muscle is! soldier; report chief, I am a felman soldier.

5. A primary school student confessed to his long-time secret teacher, the teacher said; it was wrong, but he doesn’t listen, final, the teacher couldn't stand it and said; I don’t want children, the pupil said; I will be careful!”

6. A certain psychiatric hospital heard that the leaders would come hospital to inspect the situation, so the dean convened a meeting with a patient in the hospital, The dean preached;’ this afternoon, there are very important leaders who are going to visit, go to the door welcome. when coming,all the patients should stand on both sides of the hospital entrance and stand neatly,when I cough,everyone should applaud together,the warmer the better,when i stompedd ,don’t have anyone have mistake, I want everyone to do it well,tonight gave everyone eat meat buns,as loog as have one person messes up,all people don’t have buns to eat,remember?”The patient in the audience shouted,remember?”that afternoon,the leader arrived on time,when he stepped into the door,the welcoming patient had already stood at the door,at this time,as the dean coughed,all the patients applauded and welcomed them,the atmospphere  was  very warm,the leaders who came to visit were infect by the warm atmosphere,with smile,applaud and walked into the hospital with everyone,seeing that the leader had enterd the hospital,the dean stomped his feet,and all the applause stopped,very neat,only this leader is still smiling and clapping,and the dean is very satisfied,suddenly,a patient as strong as Schwarzenegger came out of the welcoming crowd,strode to the leader,rounded and gave him a big slap,adn shouted angrily~” You dont’ want to eat buns anyone.?!!!


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