A story of spring

 I am living on the farm of the countryside, recognize A, At that time we right now come down from the mountain,full-body were mixed with mud, azaleas and stream water, I also discovered a green caterpillar on the cuff, quietly curled up in a circle around the silver cufflinks

The farm only has one bathroom, everyone only can line up, take off the dirty coats in the room first, and check if there are some uninvited organisms attached to it.

I change the coat after and went to the dining room, want to stay for a while, then I found that have one person sit in there yet, that’s A

Amidst the dining room was big and wide of the wooden food table, cross the entire room, by the table put down some benches, surrounding the table, like a simple” bench garland”


A sit on the inner side of the dinner table, hand elbow by the table fiddles the phone, seeing me come in slightly nodded, I sit down on the outside side, Two-person sit down on opposite, but both look at the phone, which avoids embarrassment


At that time It’s was five and six o’clock in the afternoon, the days were sunny spring, the evening was late too

When I sat down, the warm orange color of light that crossed the windows, lively fell in the tabletop, forming a few irregular glossy surfaces, and the shadow of the tree outside the windows, which made me happy

Then take a while sky the light gradually gets dimmed, and the stubborn light on the table became the deeper reddish, and the glass turned into a glorious "sunset glass" because of the reflection

The room dark sank down, and it’s changing between the day and the night, The shift of time makes the time a fragile crack, Ambiguous colors and light flood in here, at here gathering, show and dying, dark black and orange-red, night star and sunsets light, It looks like grabbing some things in space at front of, you can salvage a handful of poems among the flowers.


At this time I can’t see the clearness of A face already, the outline is also blurred in the dark light, I only heard her sigh and say, "Now is a good time to study philosophy."Time is the mystery that philosophy wants to grasp. A said later. I quoted Camus' words to tease her: "Isn't it suicide?" "Only by suicide can one stop one's time. Suicide is the only way for people to interfere with time

We climbed the mountain together in the early morning. The morning dew soaked the grass blades into dazzling emerald green. The oblique trees grew various strange-shaped leaves, and the red, green, and yellow berries were hidden in the green leaves with water drops. A said: "The way you choose to endure the passage of time is the lifestyle you choose."


There was a steep slope in front of me. I turned around and took A's hand, and with the other hand, I climbed up the branch of a crooked tree on the top of the slope.


Lots of gravel fell under our shoes, and the sound of fine crushing is like a stream of rocks flowing under our feet, producing a pleasant effect.


"I don't want to stop time, I want to go back in time." I said, and A said behind me: "When there is a break in the current time, people will want to use retro as an ointment to apply the wound caused by the break." "'I The wounds existed before me, and I was born only to incarnate it.'"


I heard A laugh: "It's a sentence from Joe Busuk." In my sleep, I dreamed that A was standing in a blue evening because the sky and the earth were blooming with endless lush blue Eustoma flowers, A His figure was thin and drew in the blue wind and waves, and behind him was a falling red sunset.


I should have wanted to walk to A's side, and suddenly heard a babble of Erhu, sad music fell on us like the southern rain. Suddenly I was standing by A's side again, and A turned his head and asked me: "Who is pulling the erhu? It makes the rainy happy dusk so sad."


We raced on the plain. F is a tall and thin young man. I heard that running is very strong. He has also participated in the city marathon and won a good ranking. I said to F, I also participated in a marathon, let's have a showdown. F smiled and did not speak. A line of us was already standing on the starting line. I turned my head to look at F. We were separated by three or four people. None of them were our opponents. I secretly negotiated with God: if I run past F, then A will show that A will love me. In the end I ran past F and took first place far ahead. Everyone was sitting on the grass and drinking water panting, sweat dripping between the grass. I looked at the white clouds rolling in the sky and imagined that it was a bunch of white roses held by A. At night, we lay in the courtyard of the farmhouse, waiting for the meteor shower in the forecast. By the early hours of the morning, the night sky was still deserted. I gradually became confused and finally fell asleep until the little dog in the farmhouse, Beibei, kept licking my face with his sticky tongue, and then woke up, only to find that everyone had left the house and entered the house at some point. Still lying here alone. The courtyard is full of verdant white moonlight, and it is quite all around. The roses beside the courtyard are clustered with pink and light yellow flowers, and the leaves of perilla are on the feet of the fence. Looking at the dark sky, I suddenly heard the sound of a water press. I turned my head and saw A squatting next to the water press in front of the house. A door lamp was lit on the eaves, emitting a bright yellow light. On A. A wears only a wide pink short sleeve, and presses the water up and down with his arms. When the clear groundwater flows out, A puts his face under the water outlet, and the water flows through A's eyes and white cheeks and hits Wet her black bangs and temples, water drops splashed everywhere, bursting with a crisp and loud sound in the quiet night, like a meteor shower falling on the dark night earth. "Isn't it cold?" I got up and asked her. "Isn't it cold?" A asked me back. Only then did I feel the cold of the invasion, and dew had formed on the mat. We all salvage the meteor shower in the spring night. I secretly negotiated with God: If there is a meteor shower tonight, then


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