Farmer Not easy about second generation person

Tonight, I with my nephew face to face video have two hours, the second time feeling the second-generation farmer not easy.

First, say about my nephew, the second cousin of the smaller son, above has a brother and a sister, he brother in-class exam score badly while he was young, later he into a common school of high middle school, then the high middle exam failure notability into a college, then he into a technology college, study cooking professional, he did three-year jobs of in restaurant then graduated, later back to xian a university rent one canteen of in university, shortly two years, the bigger successful find a very smart girlfriend, after, due to arrears to more, close the door shop, however back to workplace again to do for a few years, now is opened a restaurant in front of my old brother, two children, my brother and aunt help for he, he in kitchen, wife in front of desk shop, the business also not bad.

 Sister also is university graduate, in-hospital worked, then her married with xiyang man’s, have a baby,in-home feed baby, then life is pretty good, About nephew, her high middle school exam over 15 scores of excellent university list, but not reach the top of famous china university up the score, so that he scores only can fill in Shanxi college, haven’t a bit advantage, then under in three brothers introduce down, seek shortcuts, for he fills in Tibet University. after he into Tibet university learn four year, after graduate find work, because of due to normal exam score very excellent, I was admitted to Chinese people's bank employ by lingzhi, I got an enviable job, My only regret was that too far away from home

Due to the policy reason, while the nephew went to university, tuition fees very few, It has road fees back when back home every year. In working, salary very well provided flate, Only need payment one hundred houses to rental fees and the water and electricity, until working four years now.

Nephew age 27 this year, hasn’t found a girlfriend, the other person introduces a girlfriend for him because due to his mind her haven’t owned the house. therefore, he decided to buy a house at Changsha this year, just to ask he,140 square, the total price of one million, must pay the first basic three hundred thousand. he borrows from friends and plus he gains money in company, total count money two hundred thousand, my second cousin take out one hundred thousand for he, else is a loan, It’s need payment bank three thousand six hundred.Currently just wait for bank approved loan.

Nephew with me said; aunt, I’m tired!go school no feeling at before, look forward to earning money graduate then, I’m feeling It’s not easy really. finished to buy a house, also need to consider to setup design. marriage and children problem then.

In fact, I recognize, the nephew has been good now. as the second of a farmer, solve the house of problem. think of me and my husband,25 years with my marriage,27year jus the best difficult period, when meeting sales house that really is escaped them, home are our parent that a farmer, we want to live in the city, It’s very difficult. just our parents not sick, it’s a very big help for me, until 30 age, had bought a car, had buy house, but the house hadn’t approved, setup design next year.

Farmer of the second generation of people, parent are farm, we or just because in the working company, or because go to working in city lives, then buy a house in the city, buy a car, feed children went to school, at city arrange life, seriously, we pay to more effort.

 No method, for a better future for the children, we only can do these. I see thin of my nephew, it’s had slow growth of ever memory that a circle face, need belong to myself one responsbility,I believe, His road will become wider and wider!


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