Live in small dark house a women


She is my neighbor during I was live flat house,Live at my house opposite that a small  warehouse,however she house owners live the house is wide and bright  aslo have an additional  toilet of advanced flat house    


    He is double workers Have enough money to use,But due to love money,the back wall has to pick one access door by them made in of warehouse,have rent out。 this is a small warehouse ,Not approach 10 square,just one that hasn't windowed of small dark house,the whole summer open the door ,because her children and my son often play togethet,Iam went there several times。 she sat by the bed,hands clamp smoking in,suck smokimg,looks like  not taller,probably 1.5 kilometers taller  No reach,black hairs around back of brain,circle face,eye very bigger ,black bright ,conditional a few wild gas,she is very healthy to talk,langage expression very well,she said someone I forgot now,just knows she was not good while in live village home,have two sons ,husband always beat her,she runs out far away from home go to factory do things lead her second son,finally encounter meet current man,then together with he,I noticed her belly bulge yet,They got to confirm who others people,The guys said:this women have two boyfriends before,get three son, to want to have a son again,intuitionly is having baby rebot!“I pleasure girl,I want have a girl!”,she explained to me,I can't see any bitter and inferiority from her face,While I chatter with her,sometimes will appear a

lol laugh voice,quite happiness and proud shape,she also absolutely should satisfied,she follows currently boyfriend too handsome,approach 1.8 heigh taller,high norse,big eye,surprise the white skin,although he is farm worker,but have one hobbly,love draw,draw painting are water ink and danqing,I see a small house wall posts fill hill water draw picture,the picture quite thick grand,have shock,I support continue to let her draw,Women mouth throw a smoke ring,

to let he draw,It's hate  for poor ,less money his earn,but I like him ,because he has talent!she said:becuase this man very handsome so find city women,but that women  high cold,not well for him,don't like him,he has a daughter in middle school as well,so finally recognize clearly,this women situation very complex

  She really is not easy,but the face always had smile,she son from rural come with my daughter the same higther,My daughter age five years,I also think that boy, not big age,but that boy words much more,special loved speaking,looks like adult people,then other people told me,that boy have been 12 age,always can't growth taller,always one meter taller,he No dares live a long time in dark house,that painter man quite a hat his,once had done job arrival home,“go out home!” when he came home to see that man,“small boy no place stay,go running towards my home,“who family want a son” I absolutely take cafe whom family lifetime”!small boy many times with me talked about this sentence,I listen carely,a few laugh,“who want to accept his?,But he wants my daughter to have payer with him,also, provide tuition went school to study for him dauther,didn't a lot of money gave her,even always pulled her out“go out of here,you and you son,like where go to where” one day in the middle of night,she runs out crying with a big belly go next to li er home,Lisaid:condittion proud admire eye seeing the wall painting,but he before wife didn't want hurt

That women the belly day by day grew up bigger,but her complexion became the worse and the wrose,someone gave her some leftover buns when she rushed to go to market,she devoured when she ate,that man earns money not many,

and he can make my daughter happyEr family couples together persuade that man,she is able to go home,once she hearts hurt,she vented angrily with that little boy,that boy up was often have a green color and purple color on skin,I saw her hold small stick lashing fiercely, beating and scoldingThe little boy cried and begged for mercy." Stop hitting, damn, I listen to whatever you call me"...but unfortunately, he always gets angry and beaten in his hometown, and his father always takes his son out of anger. "It's okay for him to catch up with his brother, it's not as good as that, the kid is killed"!In winter, the child in her belly was finally born. It was a girl. She was very happy, and her wish came true... The man sometimes walked out with the child in his arms. The girl who was long and beautiful was too thin...Sometimes she will be pushed out, and good-hearted people will try to persuade them, and the two are better again, the man is not bad, just forced by life...

At that time, I didn't date her more and more. I looked down on her a few I once entrusted my daughter's leftover clothes to her, but she didn't want it then return them again. She was a woman with a strong personality.Later, she went to the market to help buy vegetables, went to the restaurant to wash the dishes, and swept the streets. People gradually became more attractive than before, and a lot more beautiful...

Two years later, my family moved out of the building and never saw her again. Once my husband saw the little boy on his way off work, riding a small three-wheeler, full of items, and he greeted my husband from afar. "Uncle and uncle are very close. "Is he long? "I asked," "It doesn't grow much, it's still like that"! He said with a smile.

I don’t know how this family has been. Back then, I was young and frivolous and ignorant. I just watched the excitement. If it were now, I would definitely reach out to help, but unfortunately, I might never see her again.


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