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19+ Romantic Love Quotes to Special Someone

 When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change, ’cause you’re amazing – just the way you are Because of you, I can feel myself slowly, but surely, becoming the me I have always dreamed of being. We loved with a love that was more than love. True love is rare, and it's the only thing that gives life real meaning “I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars. ”It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight. "In real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person. Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction You’re always the first and the last thing on this heart of mine. No matter where I go, or what I do, I’m thinking of you. When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because y

One of dreams, cruel the wound

 In reality, she and me have been separated from each are life essentials for two months yet, although don't have a formal procedure for divorce. she's heartless, It's my marriage with her for seven-eight years to hurt her by causes...Now I understand, she divorced at last time that originally, I was so sorrowful to seek her until one year found her, convinced and prompt let her go back home It's for love, because always too concerned, also because of a daughter too young, she demands one mother to love her. certainly, I understand, Now said to me It's too late I understand always....don't want to forgive me again, yesterday one day, she deletes Facebook and youtube It's my social connect tool with her, and mine phone number remove from her phone list yet, I cannot chat contact with her yet.....go to her company to seek her, she is a set of chilly face attitude to me, chilly let me the heart have more sour and painful...     She separates for so many days, a

It was genuine didn't just involve you

  Too sad, Like you enjoy make us separate as same, everyday boring enjoy drink wine, getting drunk and weep, running the tears, you don't want let everyone found you this clown image, special was your parents and your daughter... You heard? Did you believe it? Get away at the original, You said don't love either...What is the love of, any way to talk as true? my pain in the heart, That really drops in the blood from the heart! It's hurt my heart that, Since also want to love, Did you will be able to feel these?     We are together said doing well? Do you still remember that? Do you know my heart was in pain and wound all it just for you? If I miss you, I don't love you again in a lifetime, Because of No one a girl's ability instead of positioning you at my heart。 If you know get away at original, My the whole of face shape, Maybe you will understand me, It's me the wrong ways of love ago, I don't want always wrong down on, Its lifetime can miss anyway, don&

The love has over reason to separate when a couple didn't together

I and him each other together yet for a long time, that was four years ago in January。 That's us are exam in the high school while enter the university that one year。     It's the sole high school in our hometown where we are together learning at that school, and both our exam score belongs to the top of a grade in the class, Maybe, at this time someone familiar  me will say: Does why you have to the third-grade class the college when you learn and once again to study? But just the sole middle school of our small town common school, different from the city school various of ability to choose from, all of the buddy exam score entire, and not wasn't quite a good atmosphere, Even if achievement belongs to the top of the class how's again, for instance, to say: you hunt the best a chick from nest also cannot beyond one ordinary of the phoenix, that's the reason。     He and I were deskmate when at school, and from the beginning, silently became don't want to take loo

Stack up numerous the lotus on the street covered by wind blow up

 The factory outside has a road, and by the road, where have planted many lotus trees。 Its flowers open reason while I coming, thick of fragrant flowers covers fully the entire the road。     In fact,, the job is so simple, Just let several chemistry medicine ratios churn fixed thick, Qualified or not which makes a  decision by a chemist。 Just to the beginning, I didn't know have so much mystery, then had someone point to me, also just beginning to praise the chemist staff,, after all, they handed in the master of my salary right of the high and the low。     On a rainy night, We class chemist classmate named “xiaoxia” come here take a sample, one handhold umbrella and another handhold the sample, Not very convenient, so I am hurry run out from the operating room and gave her a lift and an umbrella, and she back for her head and sweetly smile unexpectedly make me ghost fall down。 said seriously, she grows up not so pretty, But quite classy, the body slim is perfect, Especially her fa

Always say " goodbye" mine first of crush the love

      That day, I am starving through from the street corner, and suddenly heard someone call my name, wow, what familiar sounds! I turn back my head and look, this look at...My heart almost jump out of my chest, It turned back were you, My first times of crush love  From what we have to separate then until now, time flies wink a moment reach almost for ten years。 during these ten years, I love、get marriage、 to have a baby, although you are in my heart at the bottom yet, always in the deep of night and all people are quiet, your shadow always appears in my heart。 but you aren't my life of main part yet, with time flies, you in my heart of expression also gradually turn shallow, Now is almost shallow to virtual nothing, But I never consider around, Today, at this street corner people come and go, We're unexpected will accident meeting    You are that classy and handsome yet, than the past yet more a piece of mature and charming。 face to me, your eye unexpected yet so hot, mouth

She and Her of his

She knows in him's eye that probably forever will not appear a shadow of herself。 she quietly observes he gone away of him back shadow, heard her say about her tale, he has some unfortunately of childhood, Let she see him again of in eye much more be tender, That brave of him and effort life in past, Let she see him again of the eys spilled full of fancy...however these all cause of who when they a dozen person in a meeting waiting for schedule early by company sneaky plant seed yet。    At that time she looks the opposite of several men almost the same age as her, He is taller and thinner, and her face is thinner and didn't have a little leftover fat, she flashes the past of her eyes, the brain inside that a capital “thin” word float gone as well。 in the boring of wait for, they beginning talk about the certain country earthquake, hurt so seriously, but when they talk about for a while after the topic transfer other raise to ever the deep of national detested, so that had an ev

Yan's tale

For growing up, naturally, loss disappears, Just like the flowers opening after, Every petal naturally will split as the same, I and yan's every other acknowledge Right Just confirmed this in a sentence of words I am on the train right now going to shanxin with dating the city, and Meeting yan . that year, I right just 16 old years Just like that young bird same that wants has hurried apart its bird nest, Desiring escape and desiring freedom。 . So that a year of spring, I make a great of decision , attend high school the exam of enter in university, Go of own wants to go what to way, So I that cover the parents do it, When I intend to do this pieces of things before, Ever hint out to parents own ideas, attempt want to get the parents proposal, But brings are all various of parents grouch, That complaint follow me grow up from young. Following my youth periods against gradually to be to continue the plan of me, firmly to do for source engine, So eventually I determine to do,

In the heart whom concern was genuine love

In a crowd of people, as certain one day have a person meet with you, each other understandable both, So, at every day has to meet the short time, If only touch one-times, your heart might being heartbeat, her act, the all of her voice or face appearance, make you so pleasant, When your heart loaded a piece of sunshine, So It's can certainly to say: You have fallen in love with her   When you have not seen her, whenever it was the daytime or the night, Your heart even unable to calm down, forever miss where is she now? what she was doing now? in the heart fill full numerous of miss and concern, General sometimes the eyes gaze forth, empty in his heart, except her, nothing either could actively, whenever things can't reserve, so If you want to look for love in your heart, must be her  Whatever her name, You will feel pleasure either, whenever if have people related to her talk, your two eyes shine, you will be so excited for yourself , so this person has closed in your hea

“Mei and abing”

  At this time “Mei” can not go home with “abing's husband”  The cause was “Mei” boss would like to get a budget plan in 2017 year   The original plan with the name “abing” husband back to his hometown this weekend, kinky “abing” gave “Mei” parents bought a set of escalator apartments in his hometown city, As the house interior was finished then “Mei” parents choose the best one day to move house on Monday。“Mei” and “abing” consult together go home for a celebration。 but the last week on Friday “Mei” boss came on the phone and said: Goes to Chongqing to check the budget for 2017 with every district of experiment and finance。“abing” very smart “Mei” said: If you need to check the budget can not far away certainly。 Because “Mei” does not have to go a home together each other,So “abing” said: Not to drive a car and go home for green travel by train go home。    ”Mei” so think back to home, the first one: See parents  ”, the second one: she has a secret, that “Mei” dislike “abing” lonel

Cousin “arong”

“Hello, are you sister?” I get a phone from Beijing while I take a rest one day at noon, first, don’t want to hold this phone number, I felt this should be a crook phone, but the phone rang very long time, finally I turn right to skip a screen hang up, heard sweetness and lightly sounds of “arong” It really makes me exciting! This phone let us mentally so fast back to the 1990 first the era When “arong” Was born, It’s a young girl of chick!  “arong” belong to my husband's old village aunt’s daughter, the primary school graduated after don’t have to go to school, When I have a son on maternity leave my husband’s mother take away go near the family home, at that time she was so shy and words not many, A pairs of the eye always sneakily watch me, then bow head funny sneak to smile, I louder call her to come by me, she was funny to go come here. “what are you look and what are you laugh”. I say “wrong”, “sister well look” “along” the eyes don’t have wink look at me, very sincerely to s

How powerful change your life power when you deep sleep

As we forth toward the spring and look forward to fresh opportunities and challenges, I am issuing a wake-up call. Now is the time to make quality sleep your priority. This exciting new decade we’ve entered is full of possibilities, and sleep is at the root of all of them; it’s the key to thriving and realizing our goals. Science has shown unequivocally that it’s vital to our well-being. Getting the right kind of zzz’s can help prevent illness, ease pain, increase productivity, and make us kinder — and happier. In short, quality sleep is life changing. Now, with astounding breakthroughs in technology, everyone can achieve it. At Sleep Number, we hold ourselves accountable for delivering meaningful benefits to consumers that move society forward. We are forging the future of sleep by utilizing data to inform innovation, research, and the science of sleep. We are dedicated to our mission of improving lives by individualizing sleep experiences. We are making quality sleep effortless and a

A sheet of the set photo

The girl's name is” lin” She was  a  hush child, in local primary school studies, she just has raised in primary school and entered a second-grade class.  New terms the first one day, everybody the most expect a new teacher, talk about of topic mostly are a new teacher “ handsome?” or” gorgeous” or badly” and so on, eventual turn “lin” of its best enjoy math class, the class bell is a ring, smile going into the classroom a man teacher, around 180cm tall, brief and very white. he put on a white t-shirt, so glint, making him show very sunshine and brief. the eyes are not big. seem a bit like the TV show television”sunhonglei”,”lin” think for a while, simply do finish myself introduce myself, the new teacher begin to class, today learn about “geometry” The new teacher's class was very special, only take one triangle rule, class books always closed, just See the teacher fastly on the blackboard drawing pictures and shapes, drawing after simply taking some questions, then clearly so