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The new year When was coming which boyfriends haven't wrapped red enveloped for you, How did you think?

    Why does he don't have wrapped red enveloped me?    A girl, Right now is celebrating the new year the period, She intimate has told her said, he boyfriend how red envelop wrapped for her After the intimate asked her how many of red envelope do you received? She answered Haven't received any of the new year's gifts, Merely has received a words of happy new year.   Originally unhappy a little, like this under to compare, She unhappy for more, Even starting has doubted this passage of intercourse.    Guess and sense the boyfriend doesn't love self, Plan and intend to break up this passage of love.    That wrapped red envelopes celebrating the new year, Between the lovers, wrapped red envelopes, It was normal.    Yet, It always has a certain time, It doesn't obtain the all-girls, Properly could receive the red envelops from her boyfriend there, When celebrating new years, Your boyfriend hasn't wrapped red envelops for you in ever, Actually, You don't necessa

If you have below these three kinds of behavior ,It behalf you really has failure

 Faild not terrible,after all, on the way of life up and down are very normal,Really terrible is why you into failure abyss  ? some people,perhaps they meet failure at before,but oneself can keep a normal heart,one times by one times stands up from failed ,and some people,also will meet failed,but they never stand up ,never ability again stand up from encounter failure ridde. anyone more or less will experience failed,just have some people failure can depend on powerful heart to change,but one person just are into fall faiure beacuse of heart,mybe the problem has some tricky,even will therefore at failure encounter into endless abyss If you fall into a momentary failure ,and fall into short momentary downfalls,No matter,heart appears problem is really biggest fatal. If you have this three kinds of behavior at above ,It's means really failed Envil hearts,always don't want them better than myself. Clever person,like discover other people advantage,suck them advantage to oneself b

Mens eager "sexual life"Only just those of three type, It's pity many women can't understand

 Everyone look forward to a sweetness love,and love the best ascription are marriage,be able to have a happiness and harmony of marriage life,are love happy ultimate But reality very difficult let everyone get what they want ,some couples are separated when they together life Not long after,and some couples in quarrel stand at the life opposite sides, looking these failure marriage,are couples toward life attitude appear difference. While all people eye are focused one men should  considerate women,from opposite to  see women understand  men,simply can use  ignorance to describe,They don't know men's desire"couples sexual life"should be what In fact,if couples are able to considerate each other and understand both,Mybe not will have many failure marriage,especially for women speaking,while men  is willing pay all things to forgive you,you should be more understanding men for "couples sexual life"  In face,the men desire :marriage life" nothing but these

High EQ Men never to ask about women below these questions, stupid men keep to say

In to love life , feelings are very sweet in start , but have some things of them will deteriorate along with the time fewer , However It is so will appear this change Nothing but namely engender disappointment . Heterosexual made a relationship , whether are sweetness and happiness , or disputes and contradictions , isn't one person can be deciding , just beginning each other to love two people , Inevitably in anticipation usher disappointment feeling , then gradually change their hearts and emotional output , until the final was parting . In fact , the contradictions of between the Heterosexual also inseparable from understanding each other too thoroughly . On the one hand will engender what we call disappointment feel , on the other hand , will also make the other party suspicious . While the disappointment and doubt appears in love , Deep two loved person will gradually separate . So , The Heterosexual each other got along with a skill , especially while status of deep love , m