Might I wander the eye?

The double hands enter pocket,No destination walk on the road between the company and home,since you are gone after,my life always stay on during between company and home,it seems like lack some color or else what。ago, every time I walk on the street district,Very special hope able to meeting you,just both meet to say:hello。 now I knew this impossible already,impossible meeting you again,because of you back to hometown yet.....       this is a spring seaon,one of the love sprouting seaon,many of the single youth people begin tidy the winter of sorrow ,wear up the charming light-color to seek the another one of self,or direct to say seek own of the hunt。 I also gradually go out that sense to you,It‘s like the earth equaltor,not only far distance and repeat rhyme,can‘t look the end ,don’t have belongs us the endpoints。    past some days I familiar a girl,just a little beautiful ,she is people‘s teacher,I buy a bunch of rose flowers give her,our emotions develop so fast,now she is my girl



        說實話當時我也以為這個女孩子在對老公說謊。仔細想想,現實生活裡這樣的情況挺多的。看到一年前女孩開豪車,就以為人家是小三 ,看見一年輕的女孩和歲數大的男人一起走就以為兩人關係不正常。也許開豪車的女孩父母有能力 也許人家只是正常的同事關係。




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