In the mirror of the person

This world has numerous people, the whole wear mask go to interference other people life, but else people deep knew, done like for self stuff, can get the real happiness

     01, “A” in mirror life the people, live at one side about common 1.9 meter length and 1.1 meter width in dressing mirror, I often will due to very curious, so follow these odd people go back home, want to observe what doing them, “A” stay place, It‘s groceries market shop。

   Everyday face different crowded came and gone, at “A” face front without stop through, wave the hand and shape, “A” deep knew them‘s idea, so “A” tries to do who compare them, let themself seen in the mirror of them, the better and shine one-side。

    So odd today, “A” meeting a women customer about 30 old years, she outcome just from dressing mirror, attempt reach dozen suit clothes, never watch “A” a little she asks that men at her near, ask: did you like this clothes? that men don‘t have answer her, just focus on the phone screen look, said: well, you like it good!

   that men age looks like older than the women age, but actually they belong same age-old, with the women come shop before, put on a plain suit to compare with, the men although put on a casual costume, it‘s brand, also have hand wrist the watch, and playing on the phone the games, the value not less。

    look this situation, that men own much money, “A” dare to judge, this men who loss interesting and patient to this women early, “A” accompany this woman bought clothes, and come groceries shop who proof this women position at that men heart, with this groceries shop price same cheap, the women didn‘t have watch straight “A”, only let the men give comments, men said“good, it’s ok” then she hands this suit clothes hand that shopping guide said: I bought these, if the men say don‘t fit her, too gaudy or not fit her this age, she will put down the clothes, try to another a suit again, finally, she total tried eight suit clothes, the whole plus not reach 2000RMB, due to so curious, “A” sneaked enter in her package, conceal into her that small in the mirror。

  02。 when then women and men had finished shopping, two people out from that groceries shop, haven‘t together gone home, the men said: the company has an emergency, need back to company deal with, he transfers to that women 2000 money, let herself go to shopping, the women feeling the money too less, make the men transfer 100 thousand again, the men promised。

     the men go to the parking square drive the cargo to home, women continue shopping, she right heading out the groceries shop not far several hundred meters, she takes the big package and small package back to that groceries shop, with the clerk, said: please withdraw the all just bought the apparel, the clerk quake and won‘t believe beginning, but her   attitude very firmly, ten minutes after, two people almost quarrel, the finally the shop owner came, resolved this returned good issue 

     from groceries shop come out, she first from barbershop with two-three hours makes hairs, at neighbor makeup shop make skincare, then goes to near which brand shop-bought clothes, when into the shop, she with the clerk so familiar to say“hi”, looks like here often come customer, at the clerk recommended, she attempts different style costumes, in finally, she picked up two sets special suit for herself, and a pair of custom style high-heels shoes。

   at this time, “A” due to very curious, lightly ran out from her package, “A” seen in the mirror her, beautiful, body have shape, this her with from groceries disappeared her, at all it‘s belong two different person。 make never knew, this woman,wherever it‘s what type women?

   in the night, the women for herself simply make a bowel of noodles, just finished dinner, phone Facebook received a message from her husband, said: today tonight overtime work won‘t back home, at this moment, she just wants a reply, has heard bell rings, heading to door gate, she from the door gate hole to look, seen mother-in-law the face color odd, with her son and daughter together stand the door outside, she just open the door, the mother-in-law hurry up to put the door out pull。

   “one-day what are you doing” so later also don‘t know go to pick the children up home? you’re a mother! the mother-in-law one sidewalk and one-side never take a rest from mouth blame and complain。

      “you also the children's grandmother, let you take care which the children only teach one-day!“A” two children grow up from small to big, how many times did you care about it? “A” a year 365 days haven‘t you to help, same let this two children growth! the woman inside talks words meanwhile close the door, walk to the dining table side, clear the bowel and chopsticks on the table, and with eyes hint let two children go to the live room first when two children saw mother orders, immediately to the living room and close the door。

“what did you say? please say again! your children not take care it, complain me not for your children care, you look at the near neighbor, who will so complain her mother-in-law! you really too badly enough! I call the phone for “zhang tao”, let him back home to educate you” mother-in-law very angry stand the women front with always quake, and with quake index finger point to that women nose shout。

  “well, you go! at once! look “zhang tao with A” who will be educated” the women seen mother-in-law so shout, same not show to weakness, make mother-in-law the hand moves away from “A” front face。“oh, today who give your courage! usual this family, it‘s our son master power, you’re what the nothing! might even the fart didn‘t dare to fart!

   “Please note your talk words, A name the son and the daughter in here!“A” don’t want to follow you to quarrel, then two children all stuff don‘t need your take care, ok, about “A” with“zhang tao” not exist any relationship!”

      “not a relationship” what do you mean! Do you want a divorce plan with my son? get divorced won‘t have any man marry you, you get marriage so numerous years, my son has fed you and children include this family, house and the car, in family per item belong my son purchase, except you have baby and care, you for this family what are you doing?

 “aunt, follow you so said, A name follows zhang tao together life so many years, free eat and a free drink! but you don‘t forget, the children from small to big grow up of life fees, most of “A” part-time earn money for these, “A” with “zhang tao” marriage together bought a house down payment, it‘s “A” parents to paid money, he bought the car, “A” has worked, the car down payment it’s two people together to pay the loan, but family paid any 1 dollars never paid left apart”

     “you talk the tone really fast! you say you‘re getting divorced, who will believe it, do you own a divorced license? you take outlet us to look!”

    “Well! you wait !”

    the woman right now goes to the bedroom for somethings, the bell rings again, she has some angry shout look at gate ask: “who!” “open the door! I am zhang tao”

     the women toward gate go to open the door, mother-in-law heard the son came, so she along pouring pose sit on the floor, one side snot and one side loudly cry  said: “My fate not good, so big older age by daughter bully, I am good heart take care the children one whole day, result complain me don‘t have help children”

    “mother-in-law, you stand up talk word with me, good? home so numerous desk you sit down first” zhang tao came in just, seen his mother sit on the floor, it seems like has to custom these trick, he squats down at mother body to said: mom, you see this shape, don‘t have a little as an elder style”

   “taotao, your girlfriend bully me, you must help me, opposite also blame me haven‘t an elder form” mother-in-law disguise pain form watch at son, wait her son help educate her daughter-in-law。

      ”you aren‘t saying today's overtime work won’t be back home? now you come back home have free” stand up at another side women watch at, not have to answer mother-in-law。

  “if isn‘t son call me the phone, I'm not in time to go home, might you’re two people will fight!”

    “No, most bad will call you daddy come, make you mon getaway。”

     “taotao, you seen seen, she at all don‘t have who as elder your mother and father, who give her courage? It‘s your dote on her? she didn’t do before, either...?

   “either before very honey you, but “A” already compromise , you‘re whether remember “A” name good aspect? 

 you’re strict make A as a free nanny, it isn‘t the patents dote “A”, pay down payment bought house, “A” at present also don‘t know torment what form by this mother-in-law, but you absolutely relax, then “A” with your nothings any relationship!, you just isn‘t to say want to look divorced license?“A” now go to take out!

anyu! the time has not early, you accompany the children sleep first, “A” accompany the parents go home first 。” the man has some anxious for the women make an eyes hint, next to pick his mother up sit on the floor said: mom, go, I accompany back。”

    ”No No No”!I can‘t go, she has related you’re getting divorced? call her to take out a divorced license let me look it if you‘re really divorced might its good things

, I help find the best one for you! then said too, said: you let her nudity away you, nothings don’t be left...”

   “well, mom! A said that‘s anger words, we are good now, where come what the get divorced! go, go! I drive car take back you! the men pull the mother to go toward the outside, mother in the mouth always discuss the daughter-in-law。

     03 women seen a husband take go mother-in-law, suck a tone long time, next to the kitchen tidy the bowel and chopsticks, after mop kitchen and living room, ready go to daughter living room let two children take a shower first, just open the living room door, seen them two people crawl on the bed slept, she lightly for daughter put on pajamas cover the sheet, then hug the son enter another room, also change put on pajamas, put on the bed and cover the sheet。

    tidy these after, the time has not early, she self have the shower, put on pajamas ready to plan back bedroom take a rest。 but seem like think up what the things, in the bedroom closet side of several drawers found numerous, take out a red skin with the lock of the notebook。 she open the notebook, within clip a divorced license, she watches divorced license so long time, tears drop down, she in newest wrote notebook below said: “Yesterday I have divorced, today let him accompany go to shopping, result in the half road getaway, said the company has immediately, actually “A” very clear, absolutely isn‘t company has stuff, he is accompanying his mistress to go....”

    women on one side wrote and onside cry, the tears have wet she just wrote that notebook, left a lump and little black color ink mark, she wrote not long time past, she crawls on dresser has slept。

   before “A” has said, “A” belong curious heart very heavy the mirror people, about her notebook, naturally will open her notebook to look, in daily notebook record, “A” probably recognize her, she 32 years old women and has marriage for a decade。 ten years in marriage, she very saves, one side part-time earn money and one-side working, also will busy family, she always bear family all housework, she treatment as patents the same as her parents-in-law, although meanwhile bully by mother-in-law, she for education pairs of son daughter,per-day replace different form for children make food, also educate children to do homework, sometimes still at outside part-time earn money to feed a family。 she feels a family needs two-person cooperate, also very trust her husband, two-person gets married for ten years, almost never for little things to quarrel。 until two years before, have times she laundry for her husband, discover several shopping receipt, receipt record it‘s shopping bought brand costume and makeup and movie tickets, special costume and makeup, the total price plus spend probably reach two hundred thousand dollars, so many money if with family payout, can use for half years payout fees as a family daily to spent。 might its husband buy happy birthday for his mistress? but also won’t spend so luxury, so they expire film tickets how to explain?

   after she take that shopping receipt to ask her husband, the husband explain said: that‘s for customer bought gifts, it’s for a sign a big order contract, of course, she no believe, in her heart has doubt, but she through can’t discover husband with the mistress of any actual proof。 since that, the husband often does not come home to accompany the customer for reason。 arrived home, though they surface with usual wife don’t have any different, but women very sensitive always can sense in many little details for her some hate。in the last night yesterday, one-time common usual dinner after, she just ready to clean on the table of bowel and chopsticks, the husband called her, said“anyu, we‘re divorced! the house and daughter belong you, the car and son belong me, if you have any request, you relate out, this get divorced contract book!”

   men said finished, take out a briefcase from on table, take out divorced contract book, hand her front。

     women heard husband words, not say any sentence the words, don‘t have to go to open divorced contract, also don’t have with a husband have specific express, this marriage whether divorced or not divorced。 she not cry not quarrel, the face doesn‘t have any emoji, like usual same, pick up the bowel and chopsticks, let her husband can’t guess her ideas。 the husband stands at the door gate, carefully to observe her actions, he waiting for her response.., also he thinks why while request divorced after she can calm down and as ordinary to do housework, just like nothing happened same。

     cleaned up the kitchen, she with a towel wipe the hands, the right-hand point to the table 

said to husband: “sit there。” husband sits down” she sits down at husband opposite, put the divorce contract husband front, said: “this contract I not to see, if divorce,ok no problem, I only have one condition, this family the all, include son and daughter belong me, you nudity out family, and every month give 6000 $ for the children life fees if you can be done, agree with you get divorced, if not, always don‘t to think!”

    “well, follow your request do, did you have else request”

     Her words just finished, the husband promised。 she quake a while, might never don‘t have know husband will so quickly promise, but she seems like early has known, then said with husband: “accompany me shopping-clothes again, you decide where to go。”

    “em, when we're going。”

   “tomorrow, just two children at grandmother home, we‘re can shopping play the long little。”


   the second day at noon, they‘re come arrived“A” near that groceries shop, so happened before that screen。

    04。 at this super thick the red skin color notebook the last section, “A” suddenly discovers the difference of women's daily notebook。

    below words mark with front section notebook although different, the tone seems like replace another person, below have a record to lifetime understand and think, have to herself of recognize, have how to learn financial manage and investment manage, also have for herself personal emotion with marriage family, and to children education view and feel。

     within the front section, notebook complains 、pain and anxiety compared with, this last of the section in a notebook, the women through belong active funny and own intelligent women。

    she the last section notebook the newest record a new notebook wrote, it‘s get divorced that day have written down, she at this notebook relate to: “I divorced, Ever I think to get divorced from me say it‘s a very far distant thing, but today it’s really happened on“A” body。 Getting divorced is not the best bad thing, this new beginning。 appreciate Mr zhang numerous take care, also appreciate then he times and times for marriage loyal, even appreciate “A” good intimate with mistress corporate, successful let Mr zhang nudity out away family, soon, he will salary cut and even quit company by the boss, I sense this he betray marriage deserve the result。

    Seen here, “A” scared, “A” instant for this women pity feel and curious through disappear, like follow the bedroom shoot in the windows glass the light, away from her home, at distant not far of the street block, “A” found an ad sign the glass mirror lie down, go on seeking the next target。




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