This decade, I life like a joking

Before As my grandfather-in-law, dead,said let value two thousand billion of the house leave us,for this vow,I am one of 985 universities graduated student,in finally became a full work nanny,as my mother-in-law dead,i accidentally understand,In another person in eyes,Iam a clown same exit。

    I call “Chen Jie”,just this year reach 28 old year,graduated a 985 of univesity,once at china and foreign corporate ship company duty do senior management。 before ten years we are getting married with my husband,because my mother-in-law of the house has a bit broad and bigger,so I always with my mother-in-law and father-in-law common live a room,usually elder aunt sister not often back home,every month I pay the life fees on time,mother、father-in-law duty cooking food and take care children,we are careful to working,one family also very pleasant。 the certain time when finished supper,everyone sits on the sofa watching tv,boring so talk about the house,father-in-law say out: while they are death,the house inherit us, I never to consider the house how to and who inherit issue,but father-in-law say out, I in the heart very grad too,after all,the house isn‘t a little of wealth,if follow at present of the house price to calculation,almost reach and worth two thousand billion

“appreciate mother and father” ,we are will good to reward yours,the house it‘s important things of the lifetime,there is father-in-law promise, I heart in safe too many。 but good things just past,family appear some incident,father-in-law due to brain flow blood,became a vegetative person,feed food、turn over body,massage require the whole day 24 hours and can‘t away body。 while father-in-law out of hospital,we are ready employee a nurse,but my mother-in-law very against,haven‘t over three days that nurse ran out by mother-in-law scold,and also to complain face us,she said: this big house left yours,take care your father of anybody no way to find,husband and I also understand,mother-in

-law wants me to resign job to take care father-in-law,but my career is rising,absolutely can‘t lose this job,we are employee person better than me to take care father-in-law,payout this money compare me the one years lost 30 than sound money stronger,the next to employee some nurse too,my mother-in-law remains not satisfies,several days make nurse fast escape,then,housekeeping company agent not introduce anymore,no method, I choose to resign the job,when I resign this work,take care father-in-law to eat、drink this stuff full fall me head,mother-in-law self proclaim for boss,she said: I do not work too,do these little things,should don‘t need people to assistance。 I am so surprised ,it’s me who didn‘t have my own work? her words too make people sad! husband  comfort me said: “be patientence!the doctor already to say like my dad this situation the most time probably left two years,only two years,think this block of house ,you‘ll don’t be wronged”

  No other method,just be patience,it‘s really,father-in-law dead yet haven’t reached two years,when I exploit the past of resources everywhere to look for job,the mother-in-law happened big thing,as she alone at home,step the desk to take somethings,suddenly slammed and head dizzy,fall down on the earth,the waist has fracture,lie on the bed too,this times,it‘s elder aunt sister appear,persist against employee nurse,the reason: make people don’t trust,fear that nurse will abuse her,must take care mother-in-law by me。 the elder aunt's sister not only no take care of her mother,opposite to request me to take care of them,obviously it‘s due to this block of house,if I don‘t want it ok?

   husband advise me again once,don‘t be angry,this house isn’t worth eight、ten than sound dollars,it‘s worth several thousand million,if we both together effort work,if think to buy so big house ,only decade also the impossible ability to bought it,husband words make me touch more,if we both one years salary ten the sound dollars,no eat and no drink also need twenty years,the final things by compromise over

   mother-in-law lie down on the bed for decade,three the sound of the day and the night, I don‘t know I am how to hold down to now,while finished mother-in-law funeral , I heart in fill full disappointment,don‘t know for getting rid of or fear to tomorrow, I already with society disconnect for ten years,can again beginning? who know,when mother-in-law burial the second day,the elder sister  take out a piece of heritage inherit documents put me front,the paper mark: as the mother-in-law death,the house by husband with her sister both common inherit , I ask the elder sister; the father-in-law already announced the house inherit by us family to inherit?“you inherit,the same belongs parent's son daughter,why let you alone person to inherit?” “you're this family of daughter-in-law,take parents it‘s must,with the heritage no relative!。once when a certain person doesn‘t want his face,whenever things absolutely can do。

   her action makes me so angry,I can‘t swallow this , I seem like a clown the same in other eyes,be tricked by a person for so many years, I remain have to wish to take back that house? carefully to think,this classic belongs if certain person goodness will bully by person? they with the house as bait,destory me the top of life,the lifetime have several of the decades? it‘s the easiest of getting the score decade,funeral by them

    became a good person should need intelligence some,can‘t let self-lost any development chance,leave self to development chance, this kind of hurts ,compare to with knife cutting meat pain the more!


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