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19+ Romantic Love Quotes to Special Someone

 When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change, ’cause you’re amazing – just the way you are Because of you, I can feel myself slowly, but surely, becoming the me I have always dreamed of being. We loved with a love that was more than love. True love is rare, and it's the only thing that gives life real meaning “I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars. ”It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight. "In real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person. Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction You’re always the first and the last thing on this heart of mine. No matter where I go, or what I do, I’m thinking of you. When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because y

In the mirror of the person

This world has numerous people, the whole wear mask go to interference other people life, but else people deep knew, done like for self stuff, can get the real happiness      01, “A” in mirror life the people, live at one side about common 1.9 meter length and 1.1 meter width in dressing mirror, I often will due to very curious, so follow these odd people go back home, want to observe what doing them, “A” stay place, It‘s groceries market shop。    Everyday face different crowded came and gone, at “A” face front without stop through, wave the hand and shape, “A” deep knew them‘s idea, so “A” tries to do who compare them, let themself seen in the mirror of them, the better and shine one-side。     So odd today, “A” meeting a women customer about 30 old years, she outcome just from dressing mirror, attempt reach dozen suit clothes, never watch “A” a little she asks that men at her near, ask: did you like this clothes? that men don‘t have answer her, just focus on the phone screen look, sai

If both for a date do AA marriage,would you agreement?

   I always think,if two people get married,so become a family ,money and wealth shouldn‘t calculation so clear and understand,although said relative between brother calculates account book statement,but a spouse with brother between are completely different concept,beacuse spouse support one family,mutual accompany,also mutual common feed the children,if common calculation account book statement,so it‘s too boring? also twist the marriage essence。    I have a friend,had been married for two years,last year right now have a baby girl,the life looks very happy。 herself open an apparel shop,shop business very good,husband is civil servant,earn money not less,job stable,the mother/father-in-law and patents have pension,either the body health,no diease,till before today,I always think her life quite and special happiness,shouldn't have satisfied the place   Noon we are at canteen eat rice,during lunch always have spoken and talking,then she drinks little wine,his face has appeared the

Hard-working go ahead It was genuine of truth

I am certain time occasionally or frequently to think: although not for what far ideal, for to good life, you also must effort struggle, don‘t say what romantic life, fuel、rice、oil、salt also make you terrible。to plan my road, step by step go, don't use a mouth to brag, with a heart to do, in we can master and own struggles of the time, raise our life quality, don‘t make the road become a curve, also don‘t have a kind of effort it’s deserted because the life bright isn‘t an end to talking the good or the bad, life’s running, depend on insist, the all of successful, depend on hard-working, though have one hundred reason to abandon, you also need to look a reason for an excuse, don‘t for else, just for in the future that you, wouldn‘t blame self in ever of that you。     whenever life on the road will meeting many obstacles, all wish we can pay out the effort ran this passage distance, no one for your failure to responsibility, only for your success to congratulation, the effort‘s sign

Begining a new life ways,please set suit yourself that type

 the spouse if they are divorced, it‘s whether the need to interfere with the opposite side the life?     spouse together life, whatever it‘s what the reason to cause divorce, we don’t advice both as common enemy, lifetime not to connect each other, but also don‘t support both frequently to connected, mutual interference the other-side life。     The last time the child of the father come to look at the children, for I recommend all kinds of health medicine, I am so hateful, he often makes me eat these and that medicine, his original purpose for me have a good body, but I persist my principle, absolutely can‘t eat all kinds of medicine, these very important things, talk to about change makes me purchase elevator house, he said to me: you petty, earn too many money don‘t spend it。his words seem to like him give me left some money。 I immediately said to him: our marriage has ended, and my life start a new life, why did you come to bother and interfere with me? I like and live in a very cl

Communication it was rather important

    when people talk love each other、betweent love, per people very like and pleasure to chat at all the time, even will embrace the phone silly。      in marriage,between love, them often due to lack of communication so cause produces the issue, health, and good communication,it‘s can pull close each other heart distance; if lack of communication, will cause each others gradually separate。     Today with Mr. Chen face to face talk too, I have some new recognized him, and fresh new again times for us each other recognized, this half year, we are mutually changed many, however these things all source from we’re ability each other sit down to talk again, Mr cheng so good person, Opposite of me always release self-personality,per people has emotions, when the time was long, will produce some issue, between us communication became less, I think and always make this issue belongs Mr cheng, i also have the bigger responsibility, lack communication of marriage will make person can‘t breathe, h

They wish you if latter your age must marry for love

 You shouldn't get married for your parents, you shouldn’t heared from those hurt people the words make you try to get married, you should follow that love you the people, a lifetime to love each other mutual go to marry, rise head and stand straight up, need special hardly, pure, seems like had won。      then on this day take the boyfriend's walk-in parents' face front, point to him said: “father, you look, I found, this person, I am willing marry to him except for others。” you in victory hand gesture make mother and father look, that expression, too proud。 after with mother said: I have told you ever, I found。    at that moment isn‘t due to the age of a bit aged, the parent's urge, isn’t the person owns a car and house the home condition so well。 hope you can find this same love、can understand you, also understand this society of sad and merry, accompany you walk every corner, he still never feel tired, what is the safety? his shoulder has told answer when he accompan

Sex attracted

 the love original of the model, it exists between both attracting power。     that kind of enjoyment, Without the ability to express what reason, feels its soul with me absolutely match, each other talking、communication, you will believe have the story happened between yours。     so the next time each other touch, will give him the best of welcome, with this kind of way make him an open heart for you, let understand him the more    fortunately, he also has admired and enjoyed it, and his opinion is also the same as you, usually used to report daily for the opposite, and so used to share stuff with him, your touch style, trended lovers' relationships, tell him about myself the ideas, and also will act adjust his negative status, so the next to chat the words, no longer just each other mutual follow, it has included of care and protects, frankly to say, you‘re already into deep each other of life if still don’t have a life together, but per munites and seconds full time missing the o

Why does the rich tier people favor help richer rather than poverty folks?

 One of the reason: there are haven't benefits and consequences the rich tier people to help poverty tier person. Li Haicang, the former richest man in Shanxi, helped his poverty brother. Because the poverty brother was not satisfied with their greed, he was killed by the "small hair" of poverty. Then, his son was too young to take over the company and bankrupt  the company. The consequence of rich people helping poverty people are too terrible provoke. The poor's thinking is blackmail and hatred of the rich tier person. He will not satisfied  how much you helped that poverty person Second reason: poor hearts can kill you if they get it. Dealing with the poor will sooner or later fall among the poor. It's not  the rich tier doesn't want to help , it's they can't help the poor. No one help others come out. The problem are lots of poverty people don't understand these. They always feel society is unfair, not to mention mankind has never been absolute

This decade,Mine life seems as a joking

Before As my grandfather-in-law, dead, said let the value of two thousand billion the house give us, for this vow, I am one of 985 university graduate students, I finally became a full work nanny, as my mother-in-law died, I accidentally understood, In another person's eyes, I am a clown same as     I call “Chen Jie”, and just this year reach 25 age old years, graduated with a 985 from university, once in china and foreign corporate ship company duty senior management。 ten years we get married to my husband because my mother-in-law's house has a bit broad and bigger, so I always with my mother-in-law and father-in-law common live a room, usually elder aunt and sister are not often back home, every month I pay the living fees on time, mother、father-in-law duty cooking food and take care children, we are careful to work, one family also very pleasant。 the certain time when finished supper, everyone sits on the sofa watching tv, bored so they talk about the house, father-in-law sa

Mind difinitely keep on flexible

In the past time, I meet one of reached 90 age years old of lady, and though help her deal with present difficulties, happened things on that old lady's body, always make me don't way to forget。     That one day aged  the lady right take a taxi, and ran to us here seek for help, at that time I ask that lady what need are you?  the lady answered and said: now she wants back to xinjiang, but no one going to escort her。    Next, to ask about the lady's situation, I squint her ID card to look, It was 1993 year was born, with my parent were the same age, so the lady had special intimacy, the lady at present the situation was not good, the major didn't relative, her husband and her two daughters had died, now the lady although have 3600 RMB pension fund every month, the lady didn‘t have relative and also have a little the pee lost control, the legs also not good。    That lady had a lifetime life in xinjiang, and now older, she wants back to her home pension, calls phone to he

My mother-in-law

   before getting married and my mother-in-law both in mutual harmony almost so well, at that time I sense my mother-in-law that it‘s rather too good of a person, but my father、mother full to say my mother-in-law that it’s one of such a smart person, if with her get along with requiring special attention, although not harmony, also require to keep surface harmony, do not make both relationships do too stiff, after getting married although with mother-in-law together life the days not many, but also due to have the baby things with mother-in-law quarrel several times, when per times to quarrel it‘s me husband between slove, at that time I special don't want with mother-in-law together live。      but since pregnancy, my husband at outside working hasn‘t time attention to me, I just and have to live with my mother-in-law, take care my mother-in-law, when we are together mutual life this time, sense except for my mother-in-law's character  compete for, for me that‘s ok。 when pregna

A strange of dream

Say special odd stuff, today noon while taking a nap, I make a special of the dreams, in the dreams I became an internship director, then come to the theater group, then so odd pull go by a person to acting, due to I won‘t at scene follow other people to learn, after that seem like a director start angry, instruct me the one-side to watch and the one-side to learn, in dreams that time I also very confused, sense very odd, may i isn‘t the director? why like the actor same go to acting? probably also take some realized life memory, and also go to think I whenever became a director? what‘s the situation? just when to consider, discover near people laughing, that people of the voice quite familiar, seem like is there heard the same, then I turned my body, take a moment to stay on the origin place, that person it‘s “Xiaoshan” he eyesight so gentle to watch me, every effort to bitter smile, effort let self not expose of voice that style。      opposite of me, while seeing this super handsome,

The life essay

on the webnet guys ask: when you rent a house meeting the most awkward stuff is what?     that year with a couple of lovers room house, take a bath and put on the other person's underpants, it really makes people awkward, face became red already to neck root,finally the opposite made ways let person so amazing ,that years am 25 age,at outside working,the company does not provide eat and live,so I rent a house from a company not far place that community,one a bedroom too expensive,so only can seek room house,room house rather cheap,per month common to share of water and electric  together probably approach 800RMB   that certain a day,get off work it‘s really tired,want hurry to take a shower and go to bed sleep,but just want to take the bath,that lovers of man into ,probaby past 20 minutes finally heard open toilet door , I heart have little merry,this times I can finish taking the bath    who know, I just take up the pajamas from the bedroom,heard another the women enter in,one min

Appreciate you reason without any painful

Yesterday night when I brush my teeth the faucet turn on hot water on that side when I finish after my husband go to brush, he asked me, why did him because belongs you with hot water brush? at that time I don‘t have to considerate, I answer said: I enjoy hot water if the water is too cold might my tooth cannot suffer it, certainly have another reason I forgot to say, it‘s me these days belong period, the better with hot water, he seems like a set of cannot let a person understand, then carefully to think, make a person have a little the chilly heart, this marriaged for ten years take care me opposote the more little, in the past while I don‘t have the baby, even I open the refrighter this act just discover by him, will talk several periods, didn’t need me to operation, I answered: I take things from refrigerator compartment, isn’t cold freeze compartment, he said: No, it‘s too cool, I said: now isn’t my period, he said: that also No, then since while the marriaged to present, almost f

That kindly of tramp on the street

Three years ago, my husband lost a purse, own one hundred thousand cash in。 we back get along to seek, discover a tramp, and take the purse that belongs to us, he saw us run, and my husband, chase him immediately, loudly call“thief stop” that‘s my handbag, opposite while the tramp seen to run quicker, after we are had to catch him, want let him to the police officer, but while we know his situation, I and my husband make a decision。 I am 20  age  of old years, my husband is 24 age old years, have a baby, we are own a start-up company, the company scale, not big, the staff probably own 10 people around, the life is common。 that  One day, my dad calls me and said: he don't have to purchase a car, but my pocket budget, was not enough, need to borrow to me of, when I and my husband discuss this, decide to sponsor my father, and the second day, right now it takes a rest of the time, I push my husband the hand went to bank withdraw money, because of daddy age-old, it‘s cannot operate int

Life essay

Neighborhood to ask: unmarried pregnancy, the children concealed and take go by boyfriend, Who a lawsuit to the court, claim to pay alimony, how should do?     talk about this stuff with my elder sister of encounter too similar, the elder sister and ex-husband‘s the child by another person sneakily concealed, now the children already reach 15 age old years, the children didn‘t have to see the mother, don’t know my elder sister how to experienced those。     my elder sister with her ex-husband originally belong to a high school classmate, and my elder sister non-graduated from high school and take boyfriend home, my elder sister‘s mother seen take his boyfriend back to the family, at that time I right now 12 age old years, and I that old second aunt sneakily with me said: go with sister together a room, so these a few days, always let me together with a room with elder sister, she boyfriend alone to sleep, then saw she boyfriend to her so good, whenever to go where take me elder sister g

I am here waiting just for you

   first, there was a piece of a small town I never came here, the light on the roadsides are dark black, and the road was quite complex, I pulled the luona hands, breathe in hurry, go straight to run ahead, a big bird behind us tightly after us, while its the swing sketch, even prevent the moonshine, its speed so faster, that pairs of sharp the claw have times right now hold the luona shoulders, I saw urgent who hurry pushed down luona, next to the next step I jump up and over roll then I escaped, that couples the sharper claw no time to the back, just caught beside of the bricks wall, the bricks wall at once poke a hole of the diameter reach 50cm, this where's the monster? it's so awesome! I toward it and shot two fired, its feather almost didn't hit, cannot attack, only just escaped, then discovered we are run slower than it, the swing so big, the speed so fast, we are only can continuity to hunt. cover up the object, exploit this small town of mystery parade of the path

About unmarried already pregnant in advance

 Seen a post“because unmarried in advance pregnant,the baby had birth already,boyfriend family does not  give the color gifts as  married,mother-in-law said:claim for my-family married makeup fees, I don‘t know how should I do?”    My reply might be to help that silly girl, I also wish that girl can saw my comments。in first,you need clear know,this man whether worth marry you,the marriage this big thing, it requires both couples mutual understand,mutual together grow up,rather than one sides person always for opposite sides so to hurt oneself。 if so down always,whenever change who don‘t envy。 the second,his parents despise you and your family, simple to say:due to you are unmarried pregnant in advance,but unmarried pregnant in advance can’t say it‘s one person mistake,after all the children have down it needs two-person ,sure?on the this stuffs ,their children own the bigger error sides,the result does not should bear by you personally。    the third,if I like you that, I will very firm

Today one of the inform txt make me shocked

   It‘s my intimate,while her married immediately pregnat,now the children for one year about,in primary that intimate think while the children rather big a little go to work,in finally at look job on the way always touch too much rough,also have always had the third one baby urge by mother-in-law,said the children between age mutual the smaller the better,now they can to help assistant to take care of children,, however, my intimate complain and collapse。      the first,familiy economic condition does not allow have two children:the second,she mother-in-law just talk so well,then absolutely will let herself take care of the children,she mother-in-law at all not will and less to manage:the third,she discovered while she has the baby,easy to sense her body health decrease too many,the memory also became weak ,when looking for a job,also always will meet not fair due to married and own baby。     however, at today,the policy already open which allow resident has three baby,this to female

So much doted the child Might contrary prompt hurt of the children

   Every family parents, the full wish the children can be dragon and phoenix,but too surprise let many the parents make own the children foster to be the most disappointing of the children,actually this is not the children of problem,however it‘s right the completely ignore who want to foster an excellent the children ,the first from young period foster his excellent quality and good the habit。 so this, while he grows up, became an adult after will to be dragon and phoenix。 the children as the white paper the same,the parents want a set of glory the maps that first neet to payout the time and mental on the white paper description to what you want the shape。    At present have lots of the parents too much doted their the children,as the children do many of not polite act,the parents the most of doing a set of nothing the shape,even to say and to think that a child does not to extra take care of,but the children also have as grow up,while at the young period as the parents not manage th

Parents foster theirs children up 18 years , finished the task, children whether were how's th parents Not in future

 “A” name it‘s a father 58 old year age, I think just foster the children to 18 years old age it’s finished, now lots of parents let the children spoiled, help the children buy a house and buy a car also children concern of marriage stuff, this is extra surplus, just the children over 18 old years it an adult, then the children whether life happy or depressed, both it don‘t belong “A” the stuff, don’t have the ability buy a house or married that is him didn‘t have the ability。 although“A” does not have plenty of money, of course, suppose “A”  owns lots of money also didn't for children buy a house or buy a car, even won’t manage his married this big thing, “A” deposit down the money for itself isn‘t the better? for children that is a bad habit and spoiled the children, “A” hope that all of the parents don’t should children buy a house or buy a car and married, whenever whether own money doesn‘t should help the children, just the children over 18 old years so make him take away from

Like this parents shoudn't to do this ,It doesn't match for a parents

Today heard my mother-in-law talk a very sink and weigh the things, once listened make people express appreciation for this child, and also for this family's expression of pity certainly, the mother-in-law must be chat yesterday with an aunt, who talked about this stuff。 A children's stepmother, seen the next-door neighbor that girl‘s stepmother with children mutual gets along well, who stepmother fostered the girls so have feature outstanding。    while the girl works, treats this stepmother special good, almost with self mother, not different, this boy's stepmother feels must let her ex-husband's child foster be valued, of course when her marriage to husband, couples also have a baby。    but this boy 12-year-old, it‘s just a youth growing up period, probably study isn’t so good, this mother has a little grouch, extra effect next-door neighborhood that girl, special expect these children can value the person  but this child since young with his  grandmother along grow u