This decade, I live like a joking

Before As my grandfather-in-law, dead,said let value two thousand billion of the house leave us,for this vow,I am one of 985 universities graduated student,in finally became a full work nanny,as my mother-in-law dead,i accidentally understand,In another person in eyes,Iam a clown same exit。     I call “Chen Jie”,just this year reach 28 old year,graduated a 985 of univesity,once at china and foreign corporate ship company duty do senior management。 before ten years we are getting married with my husband,because my mother-in-law of the house has a bit broad and bigger,so I always with my mother-in-law and father-in-law common live a room,usually elder aunt sister not often back home,every month I pay the life fees on time,mother、father-in-law duty cooking food and take care children,we are careful to working,one family also very pleasant。 the certain time when finished supper,everyone sits on the sofa watching tv,boring so talk about the house,father-in-law say out: while they are death,

person older need brain clearly

In the past of time, I meet one of reach 90 old years the old lady,although help her deal with the present the diffcult,but happened things on the old lady's body,always make me no way to forget。

    What a day the old lady right take a taxi,ran us here for help,at that time I ask that the old lady what need are you? the old lady answer said: now she wants back to xinjiang,but nobody goes to accompany her。

   The next to ask the old lady situation,I squint the ID card of that old lady,It‘s 1993 year,because my parents same belongs this ages,so to old lady special intimacy,old lady at present of the situation, not good,the major of didn't have relative ,her husband and her two daughters had dead,now the old lady although have 3600 RMB pension fund every month, old lady didn‘t have relative and also have a little the pee lost control,the legs also not good。

    the old lady lifetime life in xinjiang,now older,want back to home pension,call phone to her nephew-grandson,certainly nephew grandson the family condition also not good,think the old lady should live time not long,want to take go the funeral fees and pension fees  from old

lady,the old lady‘s nephew-grandson ran to Xinjiang of one beadhouse,let old lady go to home to pension,incident,the old lady life power so stronger,have to live for four months ,except pee lost control and other headache ,on the body never appear what problem,that nephew-grandson seen old lady within short time won‘t death,want to take go her pension fund and funeral fees of the plan at once fail,also lost of the patient,for her rent a house,so not take care that the old lady。

    then old lady senses that life has numerous inconvenient,so wish her nephew-grandson again to take her to go to beadhouse of xinjiang,but the nephew-grandson also needs to take care of his family life,so nobody agrees to take her to go to the back。 actually, the old lady at that time if the brains were able clearly more,or to say be able to think as present situation,go to anywhere it‘s the other person‘s burden,she also won‘t from a long distance of Xinjiang run back。

person older,if self body-side haven‘t the relative,yourself should the all things see shallow some,so only these probably suffer crime probably less some,that old lady at that time probably think the leaf fall down back to root,with her nephew-grandson didn‘t have some the emotion basic,he why go to raise for you? it‘s only base on your pension fund,so the old ages when dealing with funeral, it needs consider some and self the minds,if came this ages,it’s really don‘t have spare time to treat


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