A completely family was ruined

Experienced half a year, finally amidst conclusive evidence of derailed, firmly divorced!

Piles of evidence appearance of me, phone records, WeChat records, transfer records, It turned out that I was treated like a foolish for more than three years, When I was earning money for the family, When I was skinny my back carrying children on the fifth floor see a doctor When I at home hard work takes care of the children When I parents died When I grandmother far away...It turned out that this so-called husband with other women has sex, Never care for whether you die and live


He also has a big reason said that every men’s is like this, It’s really shameless. many of the men derailed in the world, But the loyal of men much more as well, why go to be a part of derailed? although part two places, But I always feeling his personal action aren’t such bad! It turned out that I am too naive! some people originally are bad at the bones, Just the surface not to see, because of the surface and the inside not the same, just oneself don’t understand, because it’s too trusting opposite other people!

 It’s exceeded the bottom line already, It’s has broken the principle, so nothing to say

He is eager to get a divorce quickly so that he became freedom, he feels that the crime he committed has disappeared, feel it’s freedom of him in the future

But how about me? I am a shadow,I also suffer the past of he that cause of hurt and torture, what about my children?no method of a complete family grows up...

He tokes to me and my children many hurts can due to divorced and damage? can it disappear because of divorce? I and children can happy?

Such kinds of scum will get strike someday sooner or later, the retribution will come, just the earlier or later problem, just he has been derailed so many years, the net of Heaven has large meshes, absolute have someday to broken it, He had done the bad things, always will get the punishment! the god is fair! impossible do so many bad things, hurt so many peoples, and be at ease! just the time no come! I also look far more of the double eye and look carefully...

I have tried, don’t want to continue again...I really not have that good heart, It’s really no way to accept that disgusting person, It’s really just taking a knife to kill him, no ways get rid of he tried for my heart...

A completely family was ruined by him



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