The white of hairs, you take me to roaming

I stay here this road of our are the most of a familiar street, that coffee shop at the turn corner, It’s the same decoration, but body near lack the one of you.sit by he windows position, look outside of people come and gone, attempt in crowded find that a familiar of body shadows.   Emotions back to three years before, the same place and the same of position, that two words you said so heartless, let me so disappointed. I calm myself say lie, said; Doesn’t matter, I still live very wonderfully If don’t have you exist. But you don’t know, as you apart have a someone cried as pouring rain, like a miss the way of children, can’t find go back of the home road. I want to left, but I know don’t have the ability to cover your go of direction, I don’t have the ability to let you stop down far go of step. I don’t want so that low head at the final, at least as you miss me that time, at separate let you feel me so friendly.   You don’t know, I will select around that street since. I fear I




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The white of hairs, you take me to roaming