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The new year When was coming which boyfriends haven't wrapped red enveloped for you, How did you think?

    Why does he don't have wrapped red enveloped me?    A girl, Right now is celebrating the new year the period, She intimate has told her said, he boyfriend how red envelop wrapped for her After the intimate asked her how many of red envelope do you received? She answered Haven't received any of the new year's gifts, Merely has received a words of happy new year.   Originally unhappy a little, like this under to compare, She unhappy for more, Even starting has doubted this passage of intercourse.    Guess and sense the boyfriend doesn't love self, Plan and intend to break up this passage of love.    That wrapped red envelopes celebrating the new year, Between the lovers, wrapped red envelopes, It was normal.    Yet, It always has a certain time, It doesn't obtain the all-girls, Properly could receive the red envelops from her boyfriend there, When celebrating new years, Your boyfriend hasn't wrapped red envelops for you in ever, Actually, You don't necessa

The adult them also experienced of marriaged, Might also know won't get happiness, Does why still prompt theirs the children step into as like theirs life circle?

        For the young person to say, Numerous its has common of doubt, Around whoever saw of the parents of marriage don't good, Two people of their relationship don't concord, But they still will prompt their children to get married soon     Too much of parents, Along this, does rule     They were various of kind forces to marriage, Usually still will cause a young person to produce an idea, If don't get married might owe theirs alike, Don't get married even self have how big ability, Still equal zero, Incompletely ideas if one person doesn't marry theirs lifetime.     Equal seems like the children get married yet, The all well start, Just the children to the marriage, Whatever it with who, Nothing matter.     The parents why do this? While they don't realize the young people, Opposite the young people could realize them.     Rather, Was their conception, Stay in the past, Was them quite an attention around of people theirs remark, Quite an emphasis their face,

When who coming menstruation how to resolution physiology of your boyfriends?

     The girls, Per-months  it has exist that several the day。   Be afraid it coming or not, Yet fear it mess up come.     Too love and hate.    When the menstuation was coming, Rather quantity many the girls would upset, This would caused who don't have energy, Tummy painful, Suppose if haven't these states, During this time also must special attention.     Must understand to protect yourself     Pay attention to hygiene.    Absolutely don't happen over edge action.    Self don't to think, and actively to mention, If the object has mention up, Also difinitley harsh rejected him.    How help your boyfriend, Must got, Precede without you, He life so long time of lonely, Its life still quite,good .     Naturally it has its deal measures.    This absolutely don't need you come worry, Really you don't necessary guess too much.    One of normal boyfriend, In this time, It won't make you upset, Just more pay attention to you, That wish you nothing of the bad feel,

In Western married life, does the husband have to hand over his wages to his wife?

    There was certain people it has met one of case     The man income basically stable, Income over fifteen hundred dollars ,When them get married after, He per-month once get his wages, Left several hundred money, Then put left the whole hand the wife, By this for express his emotion.    Either, He Not only would hand, Yet so less to asked.     Whatever She what buy, He wouldn't has the opinion, That person feeling earning money spent on his wife body, This is deserve.     So this life always over many years, Occsiona his father illness need money treatment, He mention up to his wife, Asked how many of deposite in the bank, Self now need a partial, This time he realized, He earning all money basically spend over by her, Basically without left.    Get married then the men hand up the wages, Certainly might cause the girls own the safety, It more benefit the relationship for harmony.    However, It weren't per girls all fit to manage financial, Which manage the family thrive, U

Majority the girls, They are tend those who were generous the man

    Different the girls, their disposition always rather different, Cause the disposition different, So choice the boys theirs goal, Usually different, too.     A few girls they tend to favor those who are handsome, Nothing important else, A few girls they focusing on one's developing value, and Who easier attracted by boys, A few girls they just tend one's clever, Feeling the high intelligence of the boys most charming.         Also right now was radish cabbage in everyone's favor, So in same of the world, The same meeting, Different the person it has different choices, The result was won't appear too big an attack.    Indeed, girls they choose the men type, Always exists a great gap.    Yet, In certain aspects, It has matched one side, All requested the men have the same of expected.    For instance, Majority the of girls usually favor tend generous men.     Action generous, Frankly    They experienced much, We always could realize, It always exist a few men, Who alwa

Don't frown upon it never has loved by certain people

    That people never has loved, It was didn't worth to touch?     Amid blind date, Nemerous people might would meet  that several person, The object of age in a fact not little yet, But it never has to loved, The experience of emotions was blank, Never loved with others ever.         To like this people, Might Not less of people would preceive exist frown.     Preceive the object never has loved, That was really incredible, It whether hide what problem? So caused like this case, otherwise, A normal the person, It impossible didn't loved.     Which would quite directly has like this ideas, When has like this ideas after, Merely just this one of problem might denny to object.     Then directly rejected with object to mutual contact, Put the object  outside of self life circle and exclusion.     Amid reality life, The men as well and the women,too. Nemerous were this ideas, and do it,too. Actually, Wecould let the mood relaxed a few.    Perhaps the person was kinkly, Coincidence

There are one's lifetime has approximate a half of life, You know those truth?

      The first, It is really important of in your life, It never not many, Only just yourself、relative、and your object, and extra plus two intimate, Else relationship, It not important of most, Also don't worth us to spend too much of the time and energy.    The second, Didn't necessary to own too much, Could safety and health live, Nothing else accident, The body nothing serious bug, This already rather enough.     The third, Per people it has a few little of frustration, And all have some small archivement, And other small many encounter setback.    The fourth,Gradually we could perceive, Self actually also just one ordinary person, Cnnot change this social at all, Could don't changed self by this social, It very well yet.     The fifth, Whatever it was which kind of character, All exist its advantage point, We are don't necessary always wants to changed yourself, Go to change be others of image, Need to do, It was stretch self of speciality.   The sixth, The ripe i

The spouse、children、parents, What sequence it more benefits of family harmony?

     There were someone has get married, Which always without condition tend its self the family, To this even has to grievance self's spouse.      There are someone often by the children as focusing, completely has ignorance self's spouse, Make the object it at all couldn't sensation of safaty.    The parents gave us the life, We indeed should take care, The children It was self's extend, We also should pay attention, However nevertheless, We also don't should  ignorance of the spouse relationship.     Two people get married, Most previous of those years, The each it was mutual absent, Yet in the future of the life, Need together to life .     Since choice step into the get marriaged, Anyway of in future of life, At most beginning, actually the each it was agreement toward one goal of the lifetime, Yet that a passage of life experience, Really it would very long, Might it was dozen years.     Could to say, If not rough, That people, there is one of participate our