odd of the dreams

Say a pieces of special odd stuff ,today noon while taking a nap,I make a special of the dreams,in the dreams I became an internship director,then come to the theater group,then so odd pull go by a person to acting,due to I won‘t at scene follow other people to learn,after that seem like a director start angry,instruct me the one-side to watch and the one-side to learn,in  deams that time I also very confused,sense very odd,may i isn‘t the director? why like the actor same go to acting? probably also take some realize life momery,and also go to think I whenever became a director? what‘s the situation? just when me to consider,discover near people laughing,that people of the voice quite familiar,seem like is there heard the same,then I turned the body,take a moment stay on the origin place,that person it‘s “Xiaoshan” he eyesight so gentle to watch me,very effort to bitter smile,effort let self not expose of voice that style。      opposite of me,while seen this super handsome ,the whole

There is a kind of emotion call "the love "

  There are kinds of intimate,relationship so thick,but no destiny to be intimate friends,just accident to talk in the phone,speak some no relate to self the stuff and not rerate to certain person,in heart understand yet。

    there is a pal,It‘s intimate of the partner,each other understand and to trust,as the work and business left much time ,in the heart each other praise opposite ,but never to expression。

    There is an internetmate,only through with phone,but in heart have each other,language to communicate,each other to encourage,in the night to a meeting of glad,only have the smile and nod,with fragment language to greeting。 There are many of friends,passion up my the youth dreams in ever,the youth daily,sloppy accompany follow,the time flies gradually gone,cannot wipe off the memorry,but cannot miss,together in a dream。

    there is a kind of love,we are can‘t call “love”。

    though,have the same heartbeat,the same of having a crush,meantime have suddenly to meet each other of the fun and never give up away, in the world always have a kind of constraint,let the heart sink and calm、let the emotion no longer float。 but still can sense under in the sun to enjoy this warm emotions,at this tender of the environment in,still can enjoy by love at our this world。 after all, not only own the love,in this so long the times of footstep in,we are the more love for the water 、the hill、the light of attachment,red rose only have a bunch,burnt the only one of mood,however the more that the air and the water it gives ,let’s enjoy the life

    there are many of the love ,we are can‘t have the traditional ways to bear,also only it‘s together -separate of the fate

    Gold wind poked out,over many of in the world...only own these of the emotions,float to be soggy and  the warm of the air,in these no heart  of  attachment,we are to the meeting by everyone,also meeting the world,It's that not destiny and has the emotion of moment,let us lightly to sigh,deeply to love,in the life of the blue-white in the sky


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