Eternal snow

   Did windows outside have snowed?I lie down on the bed mess up to think ,boring every day I opened my phone 。wonder whether you send me the message? at this moment,my ear hears that “daolang” the song belongs to old songs “2000 year the first of snow”,so familiar that the songs,high sounds and great,repeat to listen so many times still enjoy admiring ,however Now to listen there are some special meaning and emotions。 I know this because of the far distance of you...

    at such one of the frozen cold of the winter morining,general to say the person who It's so difficult to fall in emotions ,but at this moment,my heart soul still so warm、so comfortable,there are kinds of so want to hug the world of that sense。 I know this is due to the far away of long-distance of you...Yes, ,I ever attempt to doubt this world and the love,even disgusted this world and love,because I think those It's disguise。 sure these It's not me about this world have some disgust,it's only because my life experienced too much sorrow、too much encounter and not fair,cause I have to disgust this world。

    but I must appreciate you,you rescue me who pulled out me from no side a dark space ,stand on shine。Yes, I also ever doubt about you,refused you,ever hurt you,but you still forgave me,and understand me。 and one of good heart even so hotly to love me。 toward about your loves,my appreciate too much to you,I only with love to reward you,with understand to reward understand。

     seriously to say,I humblebrag who isn't a bad man ,My character single pure、warm、friendly to person,not lack duty feeling and pity heart。 actually I so warmth to this world and life、naive,maybe It's these cause love in me。 just too much sorrow makes me some mad,It's just you let me recover of the freedom、health、glad of the original character,make me as the other person similar which sketch double wings freely fly on the sky ...

   I understand about you too,Yes。 what good of girls,cute and clever,tender and humble,and not lack the kind heart and romantic style too。 as you really to understand me,feeling love me It's deserved,so give up all ,, of course, It includes the whole of own, throws me the embrace。 you are supporting my ideas,Just the love It does not belong “love in the first sight” isn't made own to glad either,even Isn't make use of each other, It's only devoted。 You think the real love It's base on her attitude too,Does not base on warmth。 because our character actually have to

much the common point,so although we are separate each other ,but finally go along each other。

    at this moment,I right now stand on the three-floor of stage,see in front of dancing snow for the first time since comes in winter this year,my ear seems to bring in that the familiar sounds too,that isn't sorrowed ,that's eternal rhyme........


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