While a pregnancy then

I only walk on the path that ever you had to go walked with you,the thick of sorrow taste skip my shoulder,as apart you that a day it's me actually...

    Just like scenery sunset,begining regreted,pushed to crime,but for me who in windy woke up,so weak in pain。 In this world, only me one person still remember that night July 6th,one person of at chilly night ,frozen the heart,there is kind of the dead it's a too long time that sense。 in a dream who I heard you said love me sneakily by me near。 dear the young chidren,You and still it's you,that guard “YY“and guard“hero team” of small boy,that sit down wait for his mother to cooking food and washing laundry small boy,that only will when I need something which says” love me” small 

boy。 you own a giant body but have an always not ripe of the heart。 dear fo the young chidren,You said“watermelon it's your husband” I am wife It's of watermelon。 watermelon is cute and luscious and sweet。it's like you body side of me, you repeat one-times

love,with had pregnant to make the love of me。 you don't know how painful,I downside pump blood had for ten days,that a day you go to the exam while I painful unable to stand up,the most important things in your heart it's belongs your everything。 i beg you,one time and one time begs you to stay here don't to go,I so painful,It's really to painful。 you have gone yet,I bend my waist who require me to accompany together to put you on car,tell me to wait for you while exam complete back to,I don't have more strength until you come back,You have gone yet,On back the road my belly in the rock of blood,soggy surrounded uterus,it's painful,repeat painful。 because I am pregnant with a uterus outside。 i think need go to hospital at once,If i die how's my relative,do you know?,at that time i still so insist you love me It's deep,just you don't understand certain things or too young,I will forgive you by you young and too naive,i lonely one person go to hospital,from operation 、be sick in hospital to out of sick in hospital it's me alonely carry on,You mother sign by hospital urge come here ,she said:separate each other no longer to see at once,I disgusting your mother,and disgusting you。you said too,if both between me and your mother who choose which one?You answer which your mother。you are family,since i together with you,you don't have for me anything present,of course i don't have spend you anything one cents,you suspect me everyday,i can forgive you,because i believe the person will grow up,you just not enough ripe,but the young person,you take to me torment repeat again,i really can't bear,because of i really don't know how to painful,i so fear while I open your eyes see you,you isn't belongs me,you didn't know how to understand me,love you bitter flavor,I know,i should be loose the hands,i really so tires and tired,so painful,it's can't breathe ,evertimes you kiss me while me slept after you sneakly gone,I scared and pretend go on slept,because i love you。 the young person,we are no longer to see each other ,so much then I can comfortable to sleep。 windows outside bird crow, I hide at so far the space,very far of time,at this quietly the time,seriouly to learn of pity,one person also can sober go to down


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