red rain back the head

  The moon down raining yet、the red raining,this raining seems like for one generation and one generation of people that hardhearted kill to and the sorrow cry,too seem for this world、this building city of the past many kinds of silent miss...

    ”longweier” nowadays stand on that person of primary in common position,the capital the all of under her eye to see expose,but her heart doesn't have any half-point for military victory so feel enjoy that sense。 vacuum hole、seems to take her all,all these it's a cause that person---north pole of the light

    Yes,she doesn't love the north pole of the light,But It's not due to the north pole of the light to her not good or It's foe relationship ,only blame that the north pole of the light too perfect,perfectly It's didn't like one person,he just like one deity、one of letting all person admire、praise、but not dare to reach of the deity。 you can come to his bodyside,but no method to reach him,because he body on spread the all will let you feel humble、let you feel him is that high on the top 、pure absolutely not violation,toward near him that is not mean、to deity slander。

   although north pole of the light indeed not only once to her show frank,even willing to her apart homeland、not care anything of bother,in finally It's can be said too on suppose to death of under her plan。 but if the time can be back to go,she thinks doesn't accept north pole of the light,she only most more as be friends,even these impossible too!beacuase she doesn't sense and touch life belongs to in common the world with him。

    Think up“zhuofei” said words,she now has to acknowledge “zhuofei” the words it's correct。 one person if whoever reach the perfect things,so it's not a person yet,he is a deity that not can violation of the deity、on the top of devil!folk although afraid him、want near him too,but for inferiority too、and fear and so on the element so apart him。 the north pole of the light just is this,so he didn't have the pals、didn't have can talk to people,he bodyside only have junior the people,only have praised his of person。

     think up to here “longweier” laugh、bitter sour laugh begining,isn't for herself It's for the north pole of the light ,this not should exist mess up the deity same、devil general of the person...


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