Pink red color high heel shoes

   My name call“baola” at this time it's lunching momonet,My room It's dark black all ,I am player one of unknown name tape,at my house of broken drawer find out。

    The tape slowly gradual showing,It's the mental has some problem of beauty girl which gradual appear in front of the camera,then the girl is running and disappeared,in the front of the camera shows a pair of pink high heel shoes,pink color ,It's me the best love one color,this color describe belongs to cute and various of young girls the heart of me。 the pink color high heel shoes beginning to moving,It's seems like to after what the stuff,at this time I see a pretty girl too, I saw the pretty girl again once,this time just like frighten that form,she is running underwear shoes,she's the back pink high heel shoes is after her 。how should I do? the shoes、the pink high heel shoes,after her so tigthly,didn't have to give her to the breath of the chances。 once didn't and the ways to control oneself,It's running must be,cannot stop down。 It feels like to die soon,won't see any wishs,only have to run。Cannot stop down。 Wow, one voice shounds,my house room suddenly to opened。 my mother is coming in,she the full of face sorrow and disappointment to watch me。 I so tired,just feeling so tired,after it suddenly disappears the all things just now,It's the whole of dark black in front of me and everything no exit suddenly。 my mother so loves me。 but i am a unusual the childrens,I always do not correct of the things,though It not me wiling to do that,but i cannot to hold myself,those only i can see the scene who others unable to see it,My action it 's so strange for other person to comments。class is begining,iam play games with other classmate。“baola,you pretend a beautiful of fairy,No attention lose the ways and fall in the another common world,all the children are after you now,they are very admire you ,you running away let them to after you”the game it 's beginning,you are follow me to start now,Iam alone one person toward running ahead。they are after me so ligthly,let me once don't have any to breathe chance ,let me once cannot to stop down,Iam hurry the heart once cannot to contronl of two legs,iam so tired ,as i back head suddenly to discover that the pink high heel shoes is after me,how should i do?I feel it 's soon to dead,but it 's approach me ,I spit to spit toward it,“go away,don't after me”!“baola,what happened with you”“you are spit to spit toward that pink color high heel shoes,You do not to do that,this is only for a games。“the teacher the whole of face who i's blame that form,i have habbit in fact。 I always it 's。to do anythings let pals unable to understand of the stuff。 I feel should be far away here, I lost the wish。 afternoon need to training play, I perform its schedule twenty minutes after。 I go to the washroom to wash the hands,the water straight flow down from faucet,My hands paste so light waters shadow the pink color high heel shoes,the pretty of the voices at the back of me which suddenly louldy,“washing it soon“I can't control

myself。 I with the strength to washing it,once can't stop down。 i feel the fingers are pump blood,but I can't control myself,and I don't know why to washing away from it,but I really can't make it stop down。“baola,your perform time is up。” suddenly I stop down yet,I sense to perform a play, I come to the classroom of theater。”baola,you are late 20 minutes” I seem to like to imitate of teacher the talk,actually I don't want to this,but I really unable to control myself,I always do wrong somethings,however these iT's not me mean to do that。 the teacher hasn't angry,just so means to say who take draft paper content read letters words let me soon and take away belongs oneself want to try to perform of the role。 i hold one of the frightened girls ,“get out of,don't follow me”。I only read this one sentence。 the teacher said:“It 's ok,you can go。” teacher,could you give me a chance again, I didn't to means late , I just go to the washroom to wash my hands”

    The teacher sees me that the fingers on paste some blood and scratch by me。 she let me read once again。 I

back head,see that beautiful girl at the gate toward me to smile。“get out of,don't follow me”。I read it so well。 the speed and rhyme so satisfy make a teacher。 when I back home and opened the back yard gate,that beautiful is stand there,she sketches out of her hands said:soon with me running,soon!,the pink high heel shoes are after me,so go there,together running with that girl。 I ask her Who needs help , I want to stop down,but it's once can't stop down,I can't feel any wish。 that pretty girl still pull me to keep runing,she said:if you stop down so won't have any the wish。“baola!suddenly I pulled my mother。 I can't see that beautiful girl。 I loudly scream “you don't go,you tell me,how should I do?” the mother tightly hug to me,said:love me 。do not have anybody can understand mine mood。 I ever heard to said according to family,they are won't believe it。 I am jumping the step on the stage at school,I jump from the first floor to twenty floors。 i continue to jump while I back head。 I jump three-floor one once。 I must jump。 I fall once and once again。 my body on having many of hurt。 I stop learning by the school。 the night,I crawl to the top of the floor。 I see a hole,under hole have beauty the stars,iust like a fairyland。 that beauty girl toward down to sink,I feel that place just it's me the best suit place, I funny and smile to down。 i feel it's soon get rid of。 so comfortable、so relax and so fabulous the feels。


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