As emotion become thick, after the emotion gradually turn thin

That a day afternoon,to looking for the many years of owe receipt you ago, I opened the chest of the bottom layer drawer,in the middle of position lay one pink color of hardly notebook,I not certainly and stand in there,lightly turn off the primary page,one of pure white of envelope drop down,the right down corner wrote a person name“haijiang”

    that morning the sunsine,so tender,the wind lightly blow the trees stem,the bird lightly sing-song。 the “haijiang” embrace a bunch of rose flowers ,so lightly and quickly go come here,classroom in the atmosphere suddenly turn so quient,girls look at“haijiang” and look at me,the boys flip the mouths,loudly blow the whistle...

    “haijiang” the face accident turn the red color,he looks at me,just silly to smile, I shyly down bow head,to pretend didn't see anythings,after the table on appearing that bunches of rose flowers,also have an envelope letter ,the right down corner write his name“haijiang”

   We are together in that pretty of time smile,then graduated,the each other separated。

    the bud shoulder beginning to bear the life of effort,I wandered,from this city to that city,from that city to another city too,have wind、have rain,but can't see the rainbow model!

   the miss of shadow sketch long by the time,“haijiang” said to classmate:now i 

can't to find “pengguihong”! I tear down cover the whole of the face,wrote the long letter to “haijiang” that gave me rose flowers 、and gave me the first love of that boy,that gave me of miss、accompany and wait to the happiness of that boy,I absolutely won't lose your any the message

  Life isn't so generous,I effort every day through per between dawn and sunset,the tiredness filled my entire body!at middle night of light down,I read per letter from “haijiang” reward letters,the letter in have several photographs of his in conddtion,seriouly and nervous of expression,let me can't hold to laugh。

   I say to“haijiang”: I so scared as me lonely at night!as I said this one sentence,My heart wishes it,hope he can invite me to another city,and also wish he wants me to accompany him。

  But he no,that a year,iam 24 old years,“haijiang”23 old years ,my heart gradual turn frozen cold,I start to wander too。 from this city to that city,from that city to another city too,just we are no longer connect ever

   Many years after,I heard “haijing” do furniture bussiness,earn lots of money,bought a house yet,and bought luxury cars and married very beauty of the wife,have a cute baby......


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