This decade, I live like a joking

Before As my grandfather-in-law, dead,said let value two thousand billion of the house leave us,for this vow,I am one of 985 universities graduated student,in finally became a full work nanny,as my mother-in-law dead,i accidentally understand,In another person in eyes,Iam a clown same exit。     I call “Chen Jie”,just this year reach 28 old year,graduated a 985 of univesity,once at china and foreign corporate ship company duty do senior management。 before ten years we are getting married with my husband,because my mother-in-law of the house has a bit broad and bigger,so I always with my mother-in-law and father-in-law common live a room,usually elder aunt sister not often back home,every month I pay the life fees on time,mother、father-in-law duty cooking food and take care children,we are careful to working,one family also very pleasant。 the certain time when finished supper,everyone sits on the sofa watching tv,boring so talk about the house,father-in-law say out: while they are death,

like this person not match as a mother

   today heard mother-in-law talk a very sink and weigh the things,once listened make people express appreciation for this child,and also for this family expression pity!certainly mother-in-law must be chat in yesterday with aunt,talked this stuff。 A children's stepmother,seen the next-door neighbor that girl‘s stepmother with children mutual get along well,who stepmother fostered the girls so have feature outstanding。

   while the girl works ,treat this stepmother special good,almost with self mother, not defferent,this boy's stepmother feel must let ex-husband child foster to be value ,of course when her marriage to husband ,couples also have a baby。

   but this boy 12-year-old ,it‘s just at youth grow up period,probably study isn’t so good,this mother has a little grounches,extra effect next-door neighborhood that girl,special expect these children can value the person 

but this child since young with his  grandmother along grow up,with his stepmother don‘t have what emotions,Now in young period too,as the stepmother possible isn‘t so harmonious,this stepmother probably to this child has a little complain,so stabbed this child dead yet,when heard this accident after,this child's grandmother immediately fall down on the ground,when the child's father back to home seen the child corpse after immediately call “police”

   this stepmother by police captured after,sentenced to death penatly,

this family finally ended by tragedy,even to say this family only left son and grandson three-person。 whatever this child‘s stepmother in primary the think is what?to so big children by beat ,stabbed dead this child ,probably the hatred have too many,since you with this child no what emotion,you also complete can open one eye and close one eye,or completely not take care it,but you so to treat this child,let anyone heard will hatred too much。

    this child 12 years old yet,also has to resist ability,why this stepmother so cruel to treat him,he can accept it,it‘s a habit by bully?if so will no answer。 although this is a family tragedy, this also for the certain new composed family some tips。 to one new compose family said,since you had to know opposite own children ,you are able to accept this kinds situation who re-again compose a new family,since has composed new family,as his parents,so must do the duty,if don‘t love him ,also can’t beat and hatred his tragedy。 the stepmother and the stepfather difficult as heard said,if you can hold flat a bowl of water,do well you should do the responsibility,the children became the big adult ,also didn't will forget the parents foster,in the family the fourth mother also re-again new composed ,meantime in a family that the fourth stepmother only one person to foster four the children which really don‘t have the ability to foster ,so hunt person again,mutual foster several the children,the fourth stepfather at that time take four children to go to the fourth stepmother family,two people also call“together life at every day” but the fourth stepfather it‘s that kinds of like do labor the person。 although several children didn‘t have a good education, several of the children at fourth stepmother and stepfather focus on foster,them had health to grow up。 now per children has marriage ,the couples two-person also will for them take care of the grandson,the children for them grateful too many,didn‘t have due to new compose family in heart exist what stem。

   it‘s full to show and express their mutual style special harmonius,it’s focus on for children to grow up and effort。 while the children grow after also known the parent's payout and effort,to them special grateful,also don‘t have due to that the stepmother and stepfather to separate treat them。 seen above that mother,when you for ex-husband the children hatred too deep,you had don’t match as the mother this role。


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