Communication quite important

    when people talk love each other、betweent love,per people very like and pleasure to chat at all the time,even will embrace the phone silly。

     in marriaged,between love,them often due to lack of communication so cause produces the issue,health and good communication ,it‘s can pull close each other heart distance; if lack of communication,will cause each other gradually separate。

    Today with Mr. Chen face to face talk too,I have some new recognized to him,and fresh new again times for us each other recognized,this half year,we are mutual changed many,however these things all source from we’re ability each other sit down to talk again,Mr cheng so good person,Opposite of me always release self-personality ,per people has emotions,when the time was long,will produce some issue,between us communication became less, I think and always make this issue belongs Mr cheng, i also have the bigger responsibility,lack communication of marriage will make person can‘t breathe,however once have communication of marriage will the better。

    because of each other mutual communication,let us clearly know what the issue exit,recognized each other in heart really opinion,can make both forward common direction ahead,keep family harmonious,so,put down the phone,good to chat mutual,if it only together accompanies children to play,you also will discover mutual each other not same of another aspect。 speaking out in heart of an idea,it‘s can pull close to each other in the distance。

    Good marriaged,need health and good  communication


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