AA marriage,would you agree?

   I always think,if two people get married,so become a family people,money and wealth shouldn‘t calculation so clear and understand,although said relative between brother calculates account book statement,but a spouse with brother between are completely different concept,beacuse spouse support one family,mutual accompany,also mutual common feed the children,if common calculation account book statement,so it‘s too boring? also twist the marriage essence。    I have a friend,had been married for two years,last year right now have a baby girl,the life looks very happy。 herself open an apparel shop,shop business very good,husband is civil servant,earn money not less,job stable,the mother/father-in-law and patents have pension,either the body health,no diease,till before today,I always think her life quite and special happiness,shouldn't have satisfied the place   Noon we are at canteen eat rice,during lunch always have spoken and talking,then she drinks little wine,his face has appeare

Restart the new life,please set for self enjoy the style

 the spouse divorced,it‘s whether the need to interference the opposite side the life?

    spouse together life,whatever it‘s what the reason to cause divorce,we don’t advice both as common enemy,lifetime not to connect each other,but also don‘t support both frequently to connected,mutual interference the other-side life。

    last times the child of the father come to look the childrens,for me recommend all kinds of health medicine,iam so hate,he often makes me eat these and that medicine,his original purpose for me have a good body,but I persist mine pricinple,absolutely can‘t eat all kinds of medicine, these very important things ,the talk to about change makes me purchase elevator house ,he said to me: you petty,earn too many money don‘t spend it。his words seem to like him give me left some money。 I immediately said to him: our marriage has ended ,my life start a new the life,why did you come to bother and interfere with me? I like and live in a very clean environment life。 he heard so confused,he never consider I already changed so much。 due to I actively quit out,choose to agree with you,and you also have a new family and the child,each other, not interference other-side the life it‘s the better respect and bless,due to the child,we are emotion still exit,i learned to put down,accept reality,changed self。 I won’t go to interference your life,the same you also don’t interference me then

   right now my colleague has come to here,her doing act make person very stunning,the colleague has divorced many years,the original she is nudity quit family,always at outside rent house live。 the child belongs to his dad,once she has a holiday she goes to her ex-husband's family live,explain say: for taking care of children,give the children have a complete family sense,the child has grown and adult already,knows the parent's things,need still keep pretend? eat and live life together have a bit not good。 I have asked colleague ideas,she at all don‘t have to remarry that plan,No have need continue to bother his life,also to checking ex-husband the phone chat record,also request him in special of the day give her send red-packet,and request take her to go to the restaurant。 point to work for else person,and family stuff point to...,take the key into and out ex-husband's family。 the best can‘t let people understand who invited her parents and sibling to her ex-husband's family dinner party。 I have many times advice her don‘t be interference other-side the life,don’t be making that person look down on you,don‘t let the children look down on you,she still going on that...I advise her whenever doing anythings must have a principle and bottom line,otherwise, the pain only is the self。

   the love although make people forward,the marriage might not be very perfect,whatever,we are should accept the reality ability,when the spouse is together good to pressure,if real mutual separation ,so go to accept each other,don‘t go to torment both so tired。 shut down and restart new life,might will more comfort self


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