life essay

 the net-guys ask: when you rent house meeting the most awkward stuff is what?

    that year with a couple of lovers room house,take a bath put on the other person's underpants, it really makes people awkward,face became red already to neck root,finally the opposite made ways let person so amazing ,that years am 25 age,at outside working,the company does not provide eat and live,so I rent a house from a company not far place that community,one a bedroom too expensive,so only can seek room house,room house rather cheap,per month common to share of water and electric  together probably approach 800RMB

  that certain a day,get off work it‘s really tired,want hurry to take a shower and go to bed sleep,but just want to take the bath,that lovers of man into ,probaby past 20 minutes finally heard open toilet door , I heart have little merry,this times I can finish taking the bath

   who know, I just take up the pajamas from the bedroom,heard another the women enter in,one minute then go out too,in heart to think probably just go to pee or poo, I enter in washroom then backhand close the washroom door,due to that man right now washed not long,now it‘s winter,don’t know how every-times done take bath that washroom filled so many fog,simply it‘s on the sky that sense,the fog yet didn't have a way, I go to wash the next,so the washroom in always exists that the white fog。

I washing the soon,probably only 15 minutes I complete bath,the fog atmosphere too big, I touch the front of that pothook,take up underpants to put on and wear pajamas go out,go back who while ready blow hair,heard knock door sounds ,open the door seen it‘s that room the girl,that girl shy to said:” sister,did you have seen me that briefs” I in the heart feels very awesome to her,I reply: “No,you briefs lost should seek , isn‘t asked me” that girl said: “no ,just I put into the bathroom,this item it’s yours?” the voice just finished then hand me a band briefs,I watch it,origin it‘s me。

   I in heart have a moment confuse,how to take one the wrong,so the girl explains said: actually she enters the bathroom ready to take a bath,but the things forgot to take,plan go out ready to take the things,result I enter in,so this it’s me take wrong the stuff and wear mistake another person briefs。

   I hurry back to the room to check,really wear mistake,how to do it? I take off to give her? she will accept? I wash it and return to her? this is don‘t the best way ,in the heart always have to confuse。 I belong the wood brain,wear wrong the briefs don‘t know,, of course, this cause also belongs own two people of the briefs style almost same,put on the briefs almost don’t have any the sense,and also just go out of the bathroom the reason,at all didn‘t have to special concern。

     the girl said: “sister,this is my new briefs just bought , I washed just want to wear them ,you give me half price of these briefs,ok? I in the heart feels can accept,after all this my mistake,but opposite the girl do action make me so amazing,the briefs a band worth 20-30RMB,claim sounds so louder!

   the girl said: “give her 90RMB, I heard a band briefs claim me 90RMB,the origin price reach 180RMB,is it too luxurious? should it’s phony, I think,but I still surface pretend to smile and transfer her 90RMB

   Hurry close down the door check the marking label and go to network search price,oh my god, not cheap,she doesn‘t have to cheat me,this briefs it’s me worn the best luxury of briefs

    though she didn‘t have worn, in the heart that compartment,finally I threw it。These pieces of the stuff with me

good pals to say,she laughs very long,so awkward things will touch me ,of course this also blames me for my too thick heart。


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