Before marriage proposal , no exist advice

first, soon before age 30 years old married make self, isn‘t say 30 years age after without men marry you, it‘s optional less than past。 If you haven’t reached age 30 years old, you doubt boyfriend family poverty, can gradual carefully observe him whether with potential, whether marriage after brings very safe for you, If you over 30 years old, don‘t be considered too much so, you boyfriend poverty who wait for you reach 30 years old, so why not hunt a young and beautiful girlfriend? second, don‘t be down marry, just down marry the girl basic sorrow in end, here I say “down marry” are wish you can objectively comment yourself, for self have a clear location If salary per month 3000 dollars, age over forty years old still feel self are eighteen years old little fairy, down marry isn’t say boyfriend earn money less with you compare, yours growth environment and living environment can‘t differ too much, special is money value viewpoint need close。 third, hunt education close with y

odd of the dreams

Say a pieces of special odd stuff ,today noon while taking a nap,I make a special of the dreams,in the dreams I became an internship director,then come to the theater group,then so odd pull go by a person to acting,due to I won‘t at scene follow other people to learn,after that seem like a director start angry,instruct me the one-side to watch and the one-side to learn,in  deams that time I also very confused,sense very odd,may i isn‘t the director? why like the actor same go to acting? probably also take some realize life momery,and also go to think I whenever became a director? what‘s the situation? just when me to consider,discover near people laughing,that people of the voice quite familiar,seem like is there heard the same,then I turned the body,take a moment stay on the origin place,that person it‘s “Xiaoshan” he eyesight so gentle to watch me,very effort to bitter smile,effort let self not expose of voice that style。

     opposite of me,while seen this super handsome ,the whole of people has losting direction,not dare trust,for avoiding awkward, I effort let self clear woke up,disgusting take the notebook to sit by “xiaozhan” chair,so effort pretends let self not surprised the shape,concealed to read the notebook,but I still squint the eyes to peep him,the “xiaozhan” sit by me near always see me laugh,that eyes-sight special tender,and take some doted,sense like just meeting me that shape,at that time I heart quite a grad,after I gradually seriously read the notebook,opposite of him also seriously to write the script,probably it‘s dreams!on the notebook of words who won‘t write,it’s sense so odd,becuase of that words it‘s stand upside-down wrote,think to say this words it‘s me finished? when I so have an ability?be able to stand upside down to write words,just at me enter in deep to consider,“xiaozhan” suddenly turned body call me to help him to take some things,don‘t know it’s speaking words rather faster of the reason or I have some didn't have to understand him who said“that what the things” while he said complete,the brains consider half of the day also haven’t understood him on earth say what? although he repeats times , I still haven‘t understood his means,only have taken some doubt toward him to said: “here don’t have you want to be said that stuff !”

really will pick up the time,very confused,the first time I made this odd of dreams ,but special enjoy these dreams

after the “xiaozhan” so surprise to said: “didn‘t have?” after reply say again said: “probably it’s no exsit!” you bring me tomorrow,while said done,he hasn‘t and never forgot encourage me,call me“come on”,then he busy to watch and write his script。

    serious of the men to work with so charming,and also really too fragrant, I also not plan to sen the notebook,to see the “xiaozhan” the face,even the eyes also not wink。

     when I surprise the “xiaozhan” of the handsome face,sunddely the scene flash, I woke up by the clock,then I go back the reality,why just in this time? this to death of clock that


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