About unmarried pregnant in advance

 Seen a post“because unmarried in advance pregnant,the baby had birth already,boyfriend family does not  give the color gifts as  married,mother-in-law said:claim for my-family married makeup fees, I don‘t know how should I do?”

   My reply might be to help that silly girl, I also wish that girl can saw my comments。in first,you need clear know,this man whether worth marry you,the marriage this big thing, it requires both couples mutual understand,mutual together grow up,rather than one sides person always for opposite sides so to hurt oneself。 if so down always,whenever change who don‘t envy。 the second,his parents despise you and your family, simple to say:due to you are unmarried pregnant in advance,but unmarried pregnant in advance can’t say it‘s one person mistake,after all the children have down it needs two-person ,sure?on the this stuffs ,their children own the bigger error sides,the result does not should bear by you personally。

   the third,if I like you that, I will very firm attitude ,married gifts must give to the girls family,certainly married makeup fees my family will similar back to the boy-family,them family marries girl don‘t want to pay out money,opposite want the girl family back pay to make up fees,your son is king’s son?family own gold strip need to inherit?the most important a point,it‘a your attitude,if you so kindness talk them will the more bully you,them won’t treasure your goodness,if know this , why you always to hurt yourself?said again too,you careful to think,them dare to so to you,so understand to saw the children just it‘s your sole,hurt to self?but you never to thought,when one person want opposite to love self,the first must have to love self。

    silly girl,you had graduated from university,benifit and non-profit form analysis will create?you self good to think clearly。 if your firm up, they must do a certain thing。 the first,as your mother-in-law doesn‘t know it’s your pain point,them will hurry than you,them even will positive to look your parents,actively to discuss married things。 after all them so smart!

the second,as you really get away,them don‘t have to detain you,the loss belongs their,you must know ,before getting married let you suffer hurt who man,as getting married after,he will let you suffer hurt of a lifetime 。you also is the parents of princess,why to marry to their family to suffer hurt?

the third:your parents foster you so big,also didn‘t have let you bear a bit hurt。 say too simple and understand,don’t want pay out the married gifts,opposite to claim the girl family makeup fees gifts,it‘s your boyfriend despise you and your family,you don’t know how to should do,you will promise the other person talk the bad word at your parents back?“saw their family girl,marry to boyfriends familiy,pay out to the boyfriend's married fees than girl family ”the girl,you don‘t need to confuse,didn‘t understand to respect you and your family,also have always oppression you ,why you marry to ?it‘s for the jump in fire puddles?

  said again,if their family do not follow your request,gave colorful gifts,you directly go away,

only if that boy embraces a child kneel down to bless you,you must be understood ,your choice has a lot of,he not at all your the sole one。 suppose you get away,them family also need to marry daughter-in-law ,also will pay and must give the colorful gifts,and your boyfriends became take children  which belongs the second times of married man,did you will sense there is a girl willing marry him?after all didn‘t have who family the parents let daughter marry to boyfriends family as stepmother,you can understand me this means,need let your mother-in-law know your exit the important,and you also isn’t them family it‘s the sole!

   right now them family wants the children,want to take the children to threaten you,right?so sorry,their the plan have failure, I won‘t hook up,the children it‘s their family intimate grandson and granddaughter。 you need to understand , they threaten just you,them just are exploited your children to oppress you,so you must be atention,so be able to for yourself and the children won the biggest of benefit。 also have extra the words,“I marry to your family before,didn‘t have ate your family of a grain rice,all cost is the origin of my parents,said to simple, I spend all money at my parents family,while gain money it‘s in boyfriend family, you gave parents family the colorful gifts,it’s your family marry girls and also for your have one care of as yours enter the old age ,there is the person for yours take care and funeral service in end, your family should good to make a plan,give me a reply again”。


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