too much doted the child which opposite will hurt children

    per family parents, the full wish the children can be dragon and phoenix,but too surprise let many the parents make own the children foster to be the most disappointing of the children,actually this is not the children of problem,however it‘s right the completely ignore who want to foster an excellent the children ,the first from young period foster his excellent quality and good the habit。 so this, while he grows up, became an adult after will to be dragon and phoenix。 the children as the white paper the same,the parents want a set of glory the maps that first neet to payout the time and mental on the white paper description to what you want the shape。

   At present have lots of the parents too much doted their the children,as the children do many of not polite act,the parents the most of doing a set of nothing the shape,even to say and to think that a child does not to extra take care of,but the children also have as grow up,while at the young period as the parents not manage the children,while the children growth after must be met many of rough on the society,only when the children on the parent's bodyside of pressure,but when go out the society after none like the parents same go to tolerate them。

    so as the parents of us who must be let the children understand ,isn't all the things can random to do,if to do that will cause the big accident to happen while him to be adult after,don‘t have anyone parents not love their

children。 if known in the future the children bear too more bitter ,so early in the young period to help him and foster him  to be a good habit and good quality,so this it’s the parents for the children the treasure of wealth!


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