effort go ahead it’s a real truth

I usually think: although not for what the far ideal,for to good life,you also must effort struggle,don‘t say what romantic life,fuel、rice、oil、salt also make you terrible。 plan my road,step by step to go,not with mouth to say,with the heart to do,in we can master and struggle time,to raise our life quantity,don‘t a road its bend,also don‘t have a kind of effort it’s diserted,beause the life bright isn‘t by an end to talk good and the bad,life’s running,depend on insist,the all of sucessful,depend on effort,although have one hundred reason abandon,you also need to look a reason hardly,don‘t for else,just for in the future that you,wouldn‘t blame ever that you。     whenever life on the road will meeting many obstacles ,all wish we can pay all effort ran this distance,nobody for your failure resposobility,only for your success to congratuation!the effort‘s significance  it’s for to see the bigger the wolrd,it‘s for own freedom  to choose  life chance,it‘s for in future don’t bow the head

Today one of the notice messages make me shocked

   It‘s my intimate,while her married immediately pregnat,now the children for one year about,in primary that intimate think while the children rather big a little go to work,in finally at look job on the way always touch too much rough,also have always had the third one baby urge by mother-in-law,said the children between age mutual the smaller the better,now they can to help assistant to take care of children,, however, my intimate complain and collapse。

     the first,familiy economic condition does not allow have two children:the second,she mother-in-law just talk so well,then absolutely will let herself take care of the children,she mother-in-law at all not will and less to manage:the third,she discovered while she has the baby,easy to sense her body health decrease too many,the memory also became weak ,when looking for a job,also always will meet not fair due to married and own baby。

    however, at today,the policy already open which allow resident has three baby,this to female to say,it’s really so the effect in the future look job again,

if women do not work for regression family,so then pension it exists issue,no method normal to pay the social security insuarance,feed children cost will increase,besides feeding one child already very not easy,however it‘s three children!

     my intimate at present it‘s so special pain,the most of problem just due to economic reason,mother-in-law family condition, not good,she husband unbale completely ability support one’s family economic,she early goes out to look job only this reason,but the neighbor not understand her,it‘s really hat much more。

    intimate often with me complain said her unfortnatley,all kinds of the bad encounter,she feels almost melancholy soon,these let unmarried of me the more fear to married

   so today this notice informed shocked me,personal sense this is a treatment standard and not a treatment resource,this can‘t from root to resolve the issue


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