This decade, I live like a joking

Before As my grandfather-in-law, dead,said let value two thousand billion of the house leave us,for this vow,I am one of 985 universities graduated student,in finally became a full work nanny,as my mother-in-law dead,i accidentally understand,In another person in eyes,Iam a clown same exit。     I call “Chen Jie”,just this year reach 28 old year,graduated a 985 of univesity,once at china and foreign corporate ship company duty do senior management。 before ten years we are getting married with my husband,because my mother-in-law of the house has a bit broad and bigger,so I always with my mother-in-law and father-in-law common live a room,usually elder aunt sister not often back home,every month I pay the life fees on time,mother、father-in-law duty cooking food and take care children,we are careful to working,one family also very pleasant。 the certain time when finished supper,everyone sits on the sofa watching tv,boring so talk about the house,father-in-law say out: while they are death,

mother‘s request to her daughter of boyfriend

At 18-19 of age, ,should have many people had the boy/girlfriend,, however, opposite of 19 old years of me,look a boyfriend the age young than me one-year ,don‘t know how many people have early love,opposite of me it‘s belongs that one,It’s just in primary second grade。

  since that incident happened after,per times while mother talk this boyfriends topic,she always said the age too young don‘t hurry to love,should focus on study,when I grow up some,to 16-17 old years,she will with me to say,absolutely cannot look from rural person,of course myself identify origin from rural,sometime it‘s don’t understand why so look down the person while a certain person comes from rural,mybe it‘s themself already experience that one poverty life,want to let me the better life than her or else

   I so less with mother talk boyfriend this topic,because while I talk up this who will say so many this topic too,sometime I don‘t like to listen

  Since I over 18 old years then,she will introduce kinds of the boy let me meet,either it‘s that kind complete don’t comfortable myself and the age older than me several years ,the opposite hate me too young,and also I blame myself no have any things and feather,feel myself have some more don‘t match him

     After in last year the end I found a boyfriend ,his age younger than me one year,my mother insisted me to away with him,however that time I have live with him already over one month,the most important is I love him yet,I said with my mother,frist let us try,if comfortable each other,in material another to say,but my mother never agree we are together,that sometimes I the whole of person so unhappy,once my mother proposes this thing make me very unhappy,I just to wish we are each other can back one step,certaily this don‘t behalf I am not an honest the child,I cheated her said we are separate yet。

Bodyside has several pals,the age almost the same as me,also have the age older than me one-two years, sometimes really don‘t understand they done some things,look boyfriends just to play and fun,while each other fresh feel had passed then to separate,want to talk love only it‘s when certain one person of lonely。

   Not only are talk the love this aspect,in all kinds aspect I don‘t want to talk yet,want seriously and stable to live 、work,didn't the children yet。

      although to say my boyfriend younger than me one-year ,but able see out it really loves me,because each other together this the half-year happened anything makes me believe he is qualified the boyfriend。 In ever had talked up with me the intimate pals said about:each family economic condition even whether real important,but different age the person tell the answer has different ,but in my eye to see,this is myself the life,some advice if should listen so to go,but another someone I have to choose by myself,absolutely can‘t the bodyside to say what so to listen。

   Then,I also understand my mother really for me better,let my life the better,don‘t like them that generous person the face toward mud soil and the back toward the sky

whenever blow windy down rain must be done labor


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