odd of the dreams

Say a pieces of special odd stuff ,today noon while taking a nap,I make a special of the dreams,in the dreams I became an internship director,then come to the theater group,then so odd pull go by a person to acting,due to I won‘t at scene follow other people to learn,after that seem like a director start angry,instruct me the one-side to watch and the one-side to learn,in  deams that time I also very confused,sense very odd,may i isn‘t the director? why like the actor same go to acting? probably also take some realize life momery,and also go to think I whenever became a director? what‘s the situation? just when me to consider,discover near people laughing,that people of the voice quite familiar,seem like is there heard the same,then I turned the body,take a moment stay on the origin place,that person it‘s “Xiaoshan” he eyesight so gentle to watch me,very effort to bitter smile,effort let self not expose of voice that style。      opposite of me,while seen this super handsome ,the whole

one of a dream, cruel of wound

 In reality, she and my separate life have two months yet, although don't have a formal procedure of divorce. she's heartless, It's my marriage with her for seven-eight years to hurt her by causes...Now I understand, she divorced in last time that original, I so sorrow to seek her until one year found her, ability let her go back home It's for love, because of always to concern, also because of a daughter too young, she demands one of mother to love. certainly, I understand, Now said to me It's too late of me understand always....don't want to forgive me again, the yesterday of day, she deletes WeChat and QQ It's my social connect tool with her, and phone number remove from her phone yet, I cannot to chat with her yet.....go to her company to see her, she is a set of chilly face and toward me, It's chilly let me heart more sour and painful...

    She separates so many days, I still feel so pain and sorrow everyday life, Just like can't hold down the same of sorrow, I know the life don't crush me, but she's getaway It's crushing me of heart 


  In the dream, That a day I drive a car get off the work, It's the full belongs to her because at my in heart, Don't detective at the moment at the out of the road, there is a car toward me of speed rate cannot speed-down, So that I bumped another car, taken me to go to the hospital, My sister get inform who pick my daughter up to back home, then directly to go to the hospital, I almost stop the breath.

   Sister left her tears, ask me what says do you to speaking, I told my sister don't to tell mother and father, Son didn't luck. Let my sister for daughter's mother call a phone, I want to see her, the sister said; You hurt yet, you see yourself, If you don't miss her always, so you don't will so that, Now You want to see her. I said; "sister, you call a phone to her to tell her." my sister has no method so call a phone her, then told me, she will come here for a moment. I can't wait for her, "sister, I left a message for her, in WeChat record, sent message out failed." voice record put in here, "xian, I ever to said If what happened to me, will the first time call phone for you, but you still remove me from you account of WeChat, I Cannot wait back home of you, If I opinion expected the same, It's really cannot wait you come back, Do you back home continue to hold this family? the daughter demand you, and also have her's grandpa and she's grandma need care a bit, I don't know you whether understand the love and relation an one of really care about you, I understand my mistake, If you promise, I will pay  you the next lifetime, It needs you of this family, If you willing back home, response me and send a message from WeChat, tell me, You didn't will delete me again, so prove you have forgiven, but I really cannot wait for you, I miss you and see you again....."

  You coming, I have apart, forever It's getaway, Just said that sentence on WeChat; "If you go back home again, wait the one days of people and things not alive, did you will regret?" sister don't want a reply you, but the finally see you so sad and sorrow of cry the whole of the day, go pull you, go reminder you.

   Sad, Now It's really you sad, your tear, At the original, I ask you, If I die, did you will cry and tearing? I don't want so many, just one drop it's enough. Now you really crying, I get that a drop of tearing...


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