Today one of the notice messages make me shocked

   It‘s my intimate,while her married immediately pregnat,now the children for one year about,in primary that intimate think while the children rather big a little go to work,in finally at look job on the way always touch too much rough,also have always had the third one baby urge by mother-in-law,said the children between age mutual the smaller the better,now they can to help assistant to take care of children,, however, my intimate complain and collapse。      the first,familiy economic condition does not allow have two children:the second,she mother-in-law just talk so well,then absolutely will let herself take care of the children,she mother-in-law at all not will and less to manage:the third,she discovered while she has the baby,easy to sense her body health decrease too many,the memory also became weak ,when looking for a job,also always will meet not fair due to married and own baby。     however, at today,the policy already open which allow resident has three baby,this to female

Cousin “arong”

“Hello, are you sister?” I get a phone from Beijing while I take a rest of one day at noon, at first don’t want to hold this phone number, I fear are cheat phone, but the phone ring very long time, finally I turn right to skip the screen hang up, heard sweetness and lightly sounds of “arong” It really makes me exciting!

This phone let us mentally so fast back to the 1990 first that period, When “arong” Was born, It’s a young girl of chick!

 “arong” belong to my husband old village aunt’s daughter, the primary school graduated after don’t have to go to school, When I have a son maternity leave my husband’s mother take away go near family to the home, at that time she was so shy and words not many, pairs of the eye always sneakily watch me, then bow head funny sneak to smile,I louder call her to come by me, she was funny to go come here. “what are you look and what are you laugh”. I say to “wrong”, “sister well look” “along” the eyes don’t have wink look at me, very sincerely to said me. Of course I very funny, I said; Did you will go there? “along” nod just like as wave, eyes in carrying joy and expect! Aunt said;” emotions well,”arong” miss by your person, you are a city for her find a job, do anything no matter, the old sister should be careful of young sister”

When maternity leave finished after I will go to :X” states working, little aunt follows me together arrival comes this “X” states help for me take care of my children.  When I working reach one month after, I received a letter from my husband’s village at my company security house, tear it and have a look, discover the letter was “arong” written and written to me. See very neat letter and excellent on the paper by “arong” see her want to go to city expect let me a reminder with her talk.

I wrote a letter the same day of the night to so cute cousin”arong”, invite her to come “X” states see me. “arong” arrived brought joy for little aunt, the most things who her have someone to chat with her.  I gave “arong” find a job in my company does canteen, she was very satisfied, this a job so sincerely to do! So fast we are mate so like this honest and hard-working village little sister.

 “arong” turn the more cute and the more beauty, with the age gradually get big growth, There are many of people come here help “arong” reminder “marriage”, Freinds help for “arong” introduce one person not local that Hangzhou comes “X” states. The first time see this young person we think; so handsome, be able to hard-working,It’s no matter,just as “arong” the parents agree with this young man. In the middle of “arong”with “Hangzhou young man” have a bit quarrel, almost reach approach fight, Just this old sister of me help them, therefore always happiness until the present, At present while he calls a phone in her mouth sometimes remind that things said to want to appreciate me!

 The 1995 year “arong” was born, with “Hangzhou young man” back to Hangzhou city, apart for twenty years more than till now haven’t seen each other. She has a very smart son ,has gone to high school,has own house of family, the family very happy life. When her for us mailed slipper has some friends said;” the supermarket in everywhere have, don’t need such bothersome? I said, such a meaning not the same, though the gift is lightly meaning heavies, this my young sister cousin of nice heart! I must wear it, wear on feet, warm in heart, happiness around every day!”

She was very appreciative while on the internet; If I don’t have taken away from in rural, she certainly don’t see the outside world,also can’t come across her’s Hangzhou husband, also can’t go to the beautiful Hangzhou life! I often courage her that this is your luck!

 “arong” character so good! Girls need very well of character! Need hard-working obey do a better happiness women! “arong” character depend on her family,her familiy education very tough, because her husband’s family are big teams, There are many of tough tutor! Wome’s no ability so that is well! So “arong” be able to get a husband and her husband’s mother/father love, all by her luck!

The time is a double knife, although makes us get to have some haggardness and tiredness,but we are between family emotions warm and deeper!


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