effort go ahead it’s a real truth

I usually think: although not for what the far ideal,for to good life,you also must effort struggle,don‘t say what romantic life,fuel、rice、oil、salt also make you terrible。 plan my road,step by step to go,not with mouth to say,with the heart to do,in we can master and struggle time,to raise our life quantity,don‘t a road its bend,also don‘t have a kind of effort it’s diserted,beause the life bright isn‘t by an end to talk good and the bad,life’s running,depend on insist,the all of sucessful,depend on effort,although have one hundred reason abandon,you also need to look a reason hardly,don‘t for else,just for in the future that you,wouldn‘t blame ever that you。     whenever life on the road will meeting many obstacles ,all wish we can pay all effort ran this distance,nobody for your failure resposobility,only for your success to congratuation!the effort‘s significance  it’s for to see the bigger the wolrd,it‘s for own freedom  to choose  life chance,it‘s for in future don’t bow the head

“Mei and abing”


At this time “Mei”can not go to home with “abing's husband” cause of due to “Mei”boss would like to come about the years of 2017 budget。

  The original to plan who with name “abing”husband back to hometown this weekend,Goodness “abing”gave “Mei”parents bought a set of  escalator apartment at hometown city,As house interior finished after “Mei”parents choose the best one day to  moving house on monday。“Mei”and “abing”consult together go home for celebrate。but the last week on friday who “Mei”boss came phone said:Goes to chongqing check budget for 2017 with  every district of experiment and finance。“abing”very smart to “Mei”said:If you need to check budget that can not far away certainly。Because of “Mei”not have go to home together each other ,So “abing”said:Not drive car go to home for green  travel by train go home。

   ”Mei”so think back to home,the first one:look parents both”,the second one:she has a secret,that “Mei”dislike “abing”lonely to meet with her

  “abing”is very excellent of man,It's so gentlman and so handsome,Though“Mei” very believe her husband kindness,Probably due to “abing”too excellent of cause,In “Mei”heart has a worries always unable speaking out。

  The young sister“xiaojie” of “Mei” ,she is very clever and very smart,But the family not so smooth in few year recently。“abing”always to “Mei” family If he can help anythings so he abosolutely to do it anything,But never doubt else anythings,But Just this one things don't know make “Mei” has a kinds of worries cannot  speaking out,But wish It's nothing and anything

   “Mei”and ”abing” are  so happiness of couples,“abing”so love his wife “Mei”,opposite the“Mei”so love her husband “abing”as well,although them get marriaged has thirty years,The couples still have first lover of feel,This ia very treasure,The “Mei”probably worries fear “xiaojie”elder sister's husband to say anything,So the“Mei” with her husband said:don't want with“xiaojie”to meet lonely  go to home this times。

   Just go back to home Not exceed for three days,“abing”call a phone to “Mei”everyday almost,to chat with “Mei” on the phone,sometimes report a few things sutiation of both parents,”Mei”a secret Not let “abing”discover,Though consult make sure not meet lonely with“xiaojie”,said so sweet,But as this a little secret idea for herself so self-abuse,Because of “abing”is very to speaking principle of good man。

   Just“abing”call a phone to “Mei” said:It's soon get home,The entire one day on the road travel Not relax to report toward “Mei”。So we can see “Mei”and “abing” both a couples who emotions so deep thick!

”Mei”so proud to say:I married a better of husband!


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