effort go ahead it’s a real truth

I usually think: although not for what the far ideal,for to good life,you also must effort struggle,don‘t say what romantic life,fuel、rice、oil、salt also make you terrible。 plan my road,step by step to go,not with mouth to say,with the heart to do,in we can master and struggle time,to raise our life quantity,don‘t a road its bend,also don‘t have a kind of effort it’s diserted,beause the life bright isn‘t by an end to talk good and the bad,life’s running,depend on insist,the all of sucessful,depend on effort,although have one hundred reason abandon,you also need to look a reason hardly,don‘t for else,just for in the future that you,wouldn‘t blame ever that you。     whenever life on the road will meeting many obstacles ,all wish we can pay all effort ran this distance,nobody for your failure resposobility,only for your success to congratuation!the effort‘s significance  it’s for to see the bigger the wolrd,it‘s for own freedom  to choose  life chance,it‘s for in future don’t bow the head

Bye,My first times love of the lover

      That day,Iam hurry through from the street corner,suddenly heard someone call me name,wow,what a familiar of sounds!I back my head to look,this look at...My heart almost jump out of my chest, It's turned back is you!My the first times love of lovers!

   From we have to separate after To at present,time flies wink a moment reach almost for ten years。 during at this ten years ,I love、get marriaged、 to have a baby,although you at my heart of bottom yet,but always at deep of night and all people queit,you shadow always appear at my heart。 but you aren't my life of main part yet,with the time flies,you at my heart of expression also gradual turn shallow,Now is almost shallow to virtual nothing,But I never consider around,Today,at this street corner who people come and go ,We're unexpected will accident meeting!

   You are that classy and handsome yet,and than the past yet more a piece of mature and charming。 face to me,your eye unexpected yet so hot,mouth lip lightly wiggling,see out you are so hard to cover inside of heart-pumping emotions,about me,at below of you watching,I calm of heart unexpectedly appeared wave,can't hold it mess up and shy,face red and heartbeat bend or nod head。 for a while of the moment of silent,Next to..,I heard about you anxious grouch,You said:these years how to love me,How to marry a girl who dislikes her and in family powerful frighten 。though she was tender and classy,for you have a baby,and always deep to love you,But your heart thorough disguise to me。at your heart of me, ,thorough has the importance of the position。 your pain for this thing,also because to me of love so hurt her,but no method to stop to me of miss,No ways to erase out of your memory from the heart。

I heard you so anxious of complaint,I since making person so exciting more,raise up of the head stay watching you,opposite of you,double of eyes as fire look at me as well,a quater,we are four eyes look at face to face each other,at this moment,I seem like back to our of the past again,to be very love of white snow queen again。

    However,Just for a short of fairy tale,I so fast woke up,Present of us,get married and get a baby,Have a family of each other,and carry on a piece of very deep heavy duty,whenever from the past have what a nice of time shine,we're all again impossible back to the past,Just like two parallel lines,maybe still to love,But forever impossible cover to a point。

   So,As you so strongly demand to us continue contact on,I never to think anymore and reject,see me so firmly to reject,Your expression is that hurt ,in eyes also have some complain,You repeat never stop it ask me :what not?,Why not can,Just like common friends come and go。

   Wow,My first time with my lover,I was not willing to hurt you,At present ,whichever kinds of ways to contact,I think not will have a good result。 The past belongs to past,Don't paint the grey of color that ever of nice us,Let us still keep that the most of primary of nice back momery,Bye,My the first of lover!


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