there are eight forms of adjustment mood the ways

   The person it‘s own feeling of animal, this mood make people be anger、glad、pleasant the character, also make people have numerous mood, it has the good mood and the terrible mood, the good mood naturally has help us, but the bad mood often frequently make people lose certain character in front else, people, then very regret, here lead teach everyone where the eight form mood adjust the ways。
   First, adjust the mood the first one, loudly speaking out, this is most directly ways, find the best pals and else very trust your ultimate good to expression, or crying、drunk wine、sing song, just enable loudly speak out, anyway, of course, it‘s can’t hurt self or other people。
   adjust mood the second way: transfer, transfer the terrible of mood for self, go to see movie、travel, also go to park sit down look sight, also could in a street corner of the coffee shop look a seat by windows, look the windows out the people come and go。
adjust the mood the third ways, calm down thinking, sit down good to thinking self of yours the bad mood, put out the bad mood outside, calm down also help us could inner quiet, thinking self on earth where are not correct, where could change its the place
  adjust the mood the fourth ways, hold on, how to keep and hold on self the mood ways, know anger just appear the result that nothing any result to stuff, hold on it‘s a form the better ways, also will make self-nourishment a style the good custom, it‘s could naturally deal various stuff and hardships。
  adjust the mood the fifth ways, study, book in natural own the gold wealth and plump women, naturally also has intelligent and glad, the study also could raise personal appearance, make our heart so broad to the sky。
  adjust the mood the sixth ways, pick one and it has the achievement of job and things, make self very full enough of the while days, replace now this environment, replace now this environment compare to bad environment , it not only belongs a piece of the good things, while the things once turn over who meaning we are could change another mood。
  adjust mood the seventh ways, pleasure self, think several merry people and good plays stuff, the lifetime so short, why does go to around the bad things bodyside, more let self glad and positive, make self fill full of positive energy, make self fill full the positive energy。
   adjust the mood the eight ways, learned how to relax, push out of the bad things from your heart, add some colorful in your in heart, per one definitely know how freedom, to relax face the total, the bad mood, of course, lean by side。
  notice plot, adjustment mood it‘s a formability, it’s require so seriously go to realize, purpose go to change it, of course, several mood couldn‘t loudly speaking out, otherwise will injuries


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