How does a fast and valid solution issue the ways?

  Everyone around set a status, seems always keep on to solute the issue, meanwhile has the new issue produce, too. so how do fast and validly solve the issue?
The ways/steps
  First, carefully to analysis the issue of origin, before resolute the issue, If want makes the issue analysis thorough, such as the issue happened the reason how on earth? will cause the serious issue was what? If could resolution would bring what form of negative effect, sometimes focus on solving the issue, usually will ignore the issue origin, make clear the issue, who will bring numerous convenient when you solve the issue.
Second, that from amid solve the issue get the most harvest, who solve the issue was meet the trouble, and process a program, the issue focus on base on your inner heart of  the changed, If you think certain problem always is trouble, it will produce the negative emotions, 
  so caused take some emotions to go to solve the problem, understand solve the issue what you will get, then go to focus on do stuff, because will get the harvest, so go to do.
Third, continue to go to lift solve the issue ability, sometime the issue always would usually happen, probably per the issue not same when you meet it, but the basics each similar either, If could think to how to live yourself, So will the next to solve the issue during easier some, lift the ability also are lift the speed rate ways, the keys of this ability that it is your body the thorough ability strength of a part.
 Fourth, understand from a single issue go to treat the whole, an issue it is a piece of stuff, but with it relate the stuff will have what situation, this is not known, this need us while treating the issue must the totally to consider, such as this project job caused the issue, the front, and the back recaps to look it whether with each the connection, try to from different aspect go to solve, might have you awesome the effective.
 Fifth, don't always think to solve the issue, sometimes pursuit the speed who usually will ignore the quality, fast and valid solve the issue ability, it is on time and the ability the whole expression, absolutely don't do repeat the job, guarantee quality and qualify of the basics, after going to pursuit speed, at last, who reach fast and valid solve the issue ability.
  Note: solve the issue ability its is a kind of workability, also it is a part of your life


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