How does chase pretty girl? there are have ten skills?

   How to chase the pretty girls? there are for your prepare ten pieces of advice, before you yet could read below: chase girls skills
  1: chase girls action very note technology, whether top sexy and beauty No matter。
  A, belong the sport, please don‘t put on lower quality apparel and take carry huge of logo on it。
 B, belong the casual, your the hairs form don‘t too mess up or five-five-split。
C, belong the suit, heading out before must have a look yourself when you turn the body, your fly has 5-7cm empty of crack, this clothes too big not fit you, like the farmer boss familiar, don‘t be put on!
   Black lens glasses could wear, in advance own temperament, If without this character, they better replace it and change belong the metal lens of glasses。
  Ipad exactly quite nice, but the better not take carry it while yours at the date, extra of note computer what left, too, below 173cm, please by temperament the mainly, amid 173cm-177cm, put on casual apparel fit you, amid 177-184cm, apparel match any, 184-190cm plus, sports apparel the best, If you are fat the form, so make yourself became own the fabulous of qualify grade, Opposite of thin form, so who express self and presentation own numerous wealth, eyebrow and the chin belongs a bit Sharpe avoid hairlessly, the big double eyes don‘t wear a gold chain, the basics it is these, If own the good condition rather spray a little fragment, enable smell that taste thick the better when your mutual approach。
 2, the first time you date is very important of the place and the time。
  According to your little chick of style determine, must consider the weather and festival。
 A beautiful、sexy、art, and else form, each date at pm 15:00 clock around where at a coffee shop, in advance twenty minutes get a place, If has the window sit by windows, prohibit single room。
   Explain, It very has an advantage during the afternoon each meets, saves when finished eating lunch since don‘t know where you go, that awkward when drowsy, save in night each to meet that girls of makeup too thick。 If mutual talk so pleasant, next to arrange about PM 17:00 round along go to have dinner, Even go to cinema,, see the film。 If the result of opposite look a reason said self has another important date, call take a cab take her to go home, Since setting the next one date。
 B, If belongs the sport or the cute form, call two brothers together to increase the atmosphere, play table tennis or see the race, intention, increase the atmosphere that too people couldn‘t handsome than you, also absolutely couldn‘t own the temperament, well then you, the quality must be good, and the taste completely different with you, otherwise If either your brother sorrow, either that girls sorrow in the collapsed, too。
explain: treat yet haven‘t girls, by this kind ways could fastest get hunt, also avoid both double straight watching mutual when talking for the entire afternoon, the last discover except each talking nothing sketch。
  at last, what park、zoo、plants part and so on... this position is not suited for first each dating, who dating that‘s stupid
   3, When the girl has to get home after, If you remain like her, text her in time, If want gets fast result goes on, the better call a phone to her。
  4, this piece is very useful, call comfort words。
   during lovers with these has enough, usage too much cause girls tired, same if usage, too less couldn‘t have any function, altogether, firm women always have the soft aside, brave to chase her。 Hot water, get a fever, drink more some hot water, stomach pain, drink more some hot water, etc。 B shed sheet, eat meals on time, dress more clothes。
5, chase girls actually with hunt fox the same truth, need chase-pause-chase-pause, When her occasional curious no attention, moment hunt take up her, If she doesn‘t that curious heart how to do?
First, she is probably not interesting to you, this problem must good to think whether do some let her hate the stuff, for instance, I special hate certain people talking with its locate language, So If each chat with locating language on Facebook, pardon, directly not in my eyes。 
  second, opposite probably who at all don‘t know certain people chase her。
 this moment must with a hint, there are ways: suppose we are room, attempt the girls give you sense。 third, she whether has boyfriends must clear to inquiry, don‘t be a mess to guess, girl‘s MSN personality sign or Facebook, occasional to look。
  sixth, the girls think don‘t go to guess, If those girls are guessing you, so approach successfully not far yet, the first day seems to go to express self love her, and don‘t be quick to express, the second-day text her advance, I want to pull your hand, and don‘t be to pull, a bit don‘t touch her, the third day, pull, who like you that person ready yet, suppose dislike your person, the second day already refused your dating。
7, drink wine、drunk wine then spit real words, drink wink life your courage, made a place where drink wine of lonely chance, the reason might it‘s lose love、since we are friends、you‘re mine good sister, etc, then drunk wine, go to express your emotion to her, If fancy strong, try to push fall。
9, numerous the man when by confused will say, I will continue chasing you, never give up you。 told you, no available, make people bore。 the correct ways: deeply suck a mouth breath, smile to her said: better! 
  Since not talk again, three days no talking, waiting for her guess think you who what did you think, again you go on around her。
  10, the last pieces: If you are handsome, temperament not bad, chase girls these things just by you whether willing。
 Suppose you are a clown, no matter, You have the temperament, chase girls these things just by you whether love seriously, suppose you either No handsome either No money or no temperament, chase girls these things so just to think that girls whether which are blind!


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