Make money the four experience, proposal collection!

   First, set make money as a primary goal。
     In this society to life, without money, Real was very difficult!
   If you experienced the poverty era, who known that taste, really too bitter, without money purchase, a new house, Now even look for girlfriends became difficult, even if your luck well, marriage to have baby, per day also for life go to the effort, want go out to trip, can‘t take out the left money, the people always watched the certain result, rather than go to care certain progress, numerous due to that family not better, who elder can‘t assistance him, so go to complain。 yet this habit complains won‘t change that fate, When meeting that difficult so normal, When only we are heading resolve the issue, set found a right the direction。
    When going to school, the sole target effort go to study, enter in the good of the university, who changed the fate might easier a little, When working on after, must set earn money as the primary the goal, despite it‘s a job on or starting an up company, both belongs of ways, origin beginning point belongs lower, don‘t too relax oneself, Set all energy go to earn money。
  The children go to school, need the money, with friends frequently need money, take family go out to play, need money too。 don‘t cheat on yourself。
   Second, Must know the sale
   Although you want to make money again, yet whatever who‘s money, that impossible by wind random blow come here。 for the boss do stuff, even if your produce the product best, Yet just isn‘t you sell out, you get the cake benefits permission also less, so must oneself known the sale well。
  The poverty who changed the fate the best of ways of go to do the sale。 the businessman function, make the products flow up, at this process, earn some profits as well Some the clever people less than choosing who produce products by himself, where to pick up the markets had existed products, go to sell for those who want this product, Simply to say: make the price different of information no match profits, do some simple the example, numerous at e-commerce platform shopping, Do you think that goods from factory send out? If you’re this think, too naive! 70 percent of the store, It only of the agency, though they are without join indirectly make process, Yet has joined in those flow link, so make money became easier。
Third, do not hurry up
  numerous of the poverty people, for himself, look too many the reason, for instance: no ability or even eat food have no money, where has the else energy do certain stuff。 this form person from basic to said: the sight too short and shallow, too hurry up at their heart in, must have a recognize, make money belongs a long sight, yet isn‘t to say, If made money today, in the future no limit lack money to use, Even if now every month has 3000 dollars salary, Yet when you are working, also have the fixed time, while you get off work, exploit part-time for self-found make money channel。 in hand has money the person, naturally the select more some, however despite without the basic start-up fund, Only do some resolve hunger for advance the job, meanwhile also do a piece of own the skills、and enable working on the lifetime that job, simply said: major solve life first, then consider develop and so on, Just you keep on insist some pieces time, who discover the life happened amazingly the change, numerous always eyes sight short shallow, without for in future do plan of that recognize, When they lost the job after, or reach and over 30 old years, who suddenly discover has that make money opinion, Any belongs make money stuff, must have enough experience and skills as embrace, If sudden make you found, make the big money of shortcuts, this comply naturally regular!
  Fourth, Do it first
   When we from young told us, good to study, you will have a best in future, Yet many people learned for 10 years, experience and life on this society, discover make money remain yet also quite difficult when used to study as its habit when the life meet some rough, They will set the problem reason, belong learn remain not enough, naturally will going on learn, for self-charge, Yet the study and use, both belong different two pieces of things, despite you study much the knowledge, and know much theory knowledge, I can to use it, also without the any valuable, used study some person, change their the fate not many, but excise ability stronger of people, the life per day won‘t too bad, No belief? look yours body and relative pals break understand, in mouth say want to make money those people very much, yet real let them go to excise operate, Discover what things won‘t to do, the reason very simple, naive to study, needn‘t responsible for the result。 When at school, yet will often with test paper, judge you learn situation, at last score for you as reference。 When you work after, so less let you do test yet, give you score。 so numerous read many books, listen too much class, imagine self known too much yet, however, while actually to operate discover, self is a primer, what things won‘t do, want to make money, first do it! In excise operate met issue, again go to resolve it!


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