Before marriage proposal , no exist advice

first, soon before age 30 years old married make self, isn‘t say 30 years age after without men marry you, it‘s optional less than past。 If you haven’t reached age 30 years old, you doubt boyfriend family poverty, can gradual carefully observe him whether with potential, whether marriage after brings very safe for you, If you over 30 years old, don‘t be considered too much so, you boyfriend poverty who wait for you reach 30 years old, so why not hunt a young and beautiful girlfriend? second, don‘t be down marry, just down marry the girl basic sorrow in end, here I say “down marry” are wish you can objectively comment yourself, for self have a clear location If salary per month 3000 dollars, age over forty years old still feel self are eighteen years old little fairy, down marry isn’t say boyfriend earn money less with you compare, yours growth environment and living environment can‘t differ too much, special is money value viewpoint need close。 third, hunt education close with you and the age, in marriage education conflict and age conflict both impossible adjustment, remembered education close, If you‘re college can up hunt a university, but soon don‘t be hunt the doctor up。 Fourth, let him take you to meet his parents, then you need to go to observe his parent's usual how to harmonious, Because his father attitude to mother attitude, when you‘re married can reaction him to your attitude。 Fifth, for marriage、and man, you must own intelligence recognize, absolutely don‘t be that think self beautiful and good body, you must know and admit ”qiangdong” and “Yunding” really very excellent, entire country 90 percent the men if reach this altitude, absolute private life mess up than them both, you can attract else men can‘t behalf will attract else already tired men。 sixth, promise quarrel, but don’t be a cold quarrel, and don’t behave mutually disgusting, I have seen too many women due to angry make each other separate, then several boyfriends with other girls who get married, finally regret always, don’t have any function。 seventh, while have chosen situation down, choose one take you to see the world men, when him with you together, you will discover the world become big because him, rather than become less and less, If you discover this section relationship ability do better, so this man must hunt him。 eighth, while each other both with relationship promise no money, but marriage absolute Not, doesn‘t say own too much money, but at least while you pregnant and have a baby period own economic guarantee, boyfriend no money not, and you no money also not don‘t be getting married, If while getting married because no money husband cheating on you don‘t know how to do。 ninth, marriage before must cohabitation, this not explain(doesn‘t mean roommate) tenth, before marriage most need communication below three pieces things, money,lifeways, child。


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