A girl, how to be self-confident?

   there is a word that says good, the girl can hold up a half sky! so as a girl, how to do be self-confident?
    method/step as below:
   everyday rather simply decorate yourself, no require awesome, also show out own the women taste!
   and also don‘t need to make up (If you want to make up, do a bit shallow makeup good)。 soon probably to protect your skin, after all not like the boy, the girl also has some skin request! the skin is good, so self-confidence comes naturally。 
    Every day while heading out, face to the mirror smile little, to self said: “I am good!”
     there is a word said “well”, the women made of water! usual more drink water, able help promote the body fast metabolism。 because as the women reach a certain age, metabolism declines, causing the facial skin to become yellow、dry, so this will cause self, not confidence! If usual more drink the water, the skin fills full moist, the confidence natural comes!
    usually do more sport, not only able keep on the good health, but also will raise your self-confidence! why that to say? because more do sport can change your body status, promote the body energy, before I recognize a girl, fat, talk sounds quite a little。 but through the other introduce, excise some yoga then, When I saw her again, the not only body became well, talk the sounds also rise much too, the whole people fill full the self-confidence!
  On the other side, based on foreign psychologists about research show, numerous no self-confidence of origin suffer certain disease, If you usually do more sport, will decease suffer a disease that rate, and will keep on a healthy body, energy the full! because of the body and moist each mutual effect! the confidence, of course, nature will rise。
   yangfeng sir said ever, the young people too many the reason that it‘s learned too less, san mao also said ever, Just while it learned, If only due to the time too long forgot, but it will still at there, exist in talking, and reserve in the heart。 while learning much, the knowledge side also will follow became wide, while you talking with other, the other people will admire you, If can cause the other person to admire, so it‘s proof self own the power。
when women are able in self the job field independent, so, her self-confidence needn't with language to describe! so If can in self-work 、learn and favorite interesting field gradually deep in, with self the knowledge to force, gets the other people to admire, has reached add self -confidence that purpose。
  Now has numerous not self-confidence the women they are too require self-desire perfect, even it reaches quite a harsh step!
  In fact, at all not necessary, you must know self-limit is what, what you can do, meanwhile also more accept yourself, such as saying “fat”, but it ”lovely!”, there is a little “black”, but it‘s “be health!”, so you must go to accept self, believe self, If this, you able own self-confidence!


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