how to remain to keep the love?

   In love that the important it is probably of keep on the love relationship, at our life, numerous as through the hot love after due to can't keep on the love relationship finally determine apart each other have happened sometime, so we are how to do?
   First, daily accompany it‘s necessary, we are need costs some time go to accompany another side every day。
   Second, we care for the other side more, of course, this meaningful care on language and action, when we are not by another side, We need to be learned care the other side in language, If we are mutual together, we are yet might the more payout careful on the action。
   Third, Building trust mutual relationship that important, between the people relationship based on trust, obviously between the lover also is, sure the trust isn‘t random produce, We are required both do the best, mutual for another side do somethings, so made up the trust。
   Fourth, Together go to do have meaningful the stuff, for example, go to watching the sunset, together go to travel, We are experienced stuffs will  storage in our memory, this not only benefits remain the love, yet able promote both emotions。
   Fifth, When we are had finished hot the love after, between in lover the passion without in during hot lover stronger, so each mutual will cause both guess , this it‘s very normal, almost per pair of lovers will experience stage, We need to do that custom it came, We are able mutual talking and discuss increase trust, who talks about how to do and solution these issues, must go to consult, absolutely don‘t use cold force, otherwise we give opposite side reserve no limit guess doubt, the finally love will go to the end up。
    Sixth, We are in love yet do better for ourselves, Because when only do better of self which can for the best treat another side, another side they are like us, should it‘s our personality and else some aspect。 We are able go to change self-body some lack-spot for another side, but can‘t due to a stage of love who goes to change the all of oneself。 Love not just payout, deserve has harvest。 
    Seventh, the love need mutual to encourage, We are able to go to mutual encourage for another side keep effort, whatever in life or study, In love the best it is both two-person mutual promote and encourage be excellent gradually。
   Eighth, As meeting some issue, We need to done and deal in time, between the lovers should more communication and more a pieces of forgiving, less than a piece of blame, As meeting the stuff, We are the first think how to resolve rather than separate, We are must understand some truth, that is “get the sweet of in love” and also “ get bear the bitter of in love”, always has quarrel between in lovers, except beyond not forgive the things, We are should more some understand to think for another side。


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