How to improve memory power and have those ways?

    Life always has numerous stuff that needs to go to memory, but self always can‘t remember it, so how to improve it? below I give everybody introduces several the methods, hope for yours has some useful。
   first, has enough sleep
    Good the sleep quality will let us the brain gets
 enough have a rest, the person also will get more clear, in good working status situation a mind, the person memory will get fast promote, however as sleep quality not good the person, the memory power will gradually decline。
  Second, a suitable diet scale
  eat some healthcare mind the food, such as soybean、spinach、fish and so on, these foods include numerous various vitamin、oxygen, it can for brain supply nutrition。
   Thrid, sport
   Usually, do some sport, let the brain also do some have oxygen breathing, As excise meanwhile also can promote brain actively, so promote memory power。
  Fourth, While in learning focus on energy
   Now many people said themself that memory power is not good the main reason is the energy not being focused on。 so while in the study, must need focus on energy, focus on do a pieces things, so this will gradually make memory power became well。
  fifth, drink hot mink
  Before drinking a cup of milk every night, this has helped and promote sleep quality, making the mind get enough to relax, so this promotes your memory power。


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