Women’s happiness

The mother to say; marry to the man like wear clothes eat food, The name” A” just understands this truth.

When The” A” married to The name“B”, mother has said  “B” though growth is stronger and taller, It’s lazy, Nothing to do anything every day, As such person can’t live together,If you marry to him, absolutely not will into the best life!

“A’Said;” mum, don’t worry” If I marry to him, I guarantee who make him toward go east absolute didn’t toward go west. He is lazy, but I am much lazier than him, I didn’t want to believe that how did he dare to!

“A’seems is princess fate from young children to present, the mother's words never really to listen into, the final “A” get married to “B’

Then the” B” get the ‘A” Only not more than one year the fresh year,” B” go to work have several months at the small factory in the local town, yet the time not long, then he back to home again don’t want to go out anything. The” A” seen after, carefully to think for a moment, decide let “B” direct do family business. whatever ‘A’ How to action change him, the” B” not responded, reject answer any, the most important things that “B” actually with other women room!

 “A” can’t persuade “B” But also don’t dare with other people to say, The mothers’ family yet don’t dare make around neighbor to know, sudden the” A” want to see “B” parents, after seeing the “B” parents, said to “B”, No biggie, in the countryside that this situation very common, none several people Not dare to try

 “A” think some a moment, a few acknowledge, in the rural who loaves people much more, like play fresh someone who has most people, but the most person belong to get married of out emotions, however “B” what things not to do it, If both we get a baby, that economics resource who to pay? Though he is younger at present yet, keep on to play aways, but what day it is the end of?

“A” with” B” get fight began,” B” just begin to make a few backs, but haven’t past some days, recover the original shape begins, then he directly several days and several nights with other women roll at bed

 “A” with “B” both fight already sketch toward by the table,” A” was hurt by” B” bully with his hands, at the table of in front that friends are watching, looks like seen films scene, there is older man go to prevent them to fight

“B” has hurt “A’, The “A” get regretted to begin while at firsts choose him married with “B”

Far away “A” about have two kilometers land who name”yangping”, It’s taller and big stronger and eyebrow so thick black, the face profile clear, but also so handsome charming,I don’t know what reason, It is 30 years old soon still single, The He target shoot are young women

“A” with”B” both between things,in fact “yangping” have heard from other people said out, especially the “A” very beauty let yangping the day and the night miss every day.yangping job are do business usually, just catch do business a chance convenient, He gradually with “A” the relationship turn up the better, then He recognize the “B” almost thoroughly the day and the night doesn’t go home, If it’s me.......

Yangping decide to test “A” words on the first day, said the A;” B” the full day don’t go home, Feels your so alone!

Then” A” throws fly a kiss towards him, immediately back home.

Yangping seen “A” looks like have well felt, then back to home make a dinner, simply brush and take a shower for a while, when he finished, he can’t hold it hope the night come down immediately.

“B” luckily very bad on this day, due to the bet except lost all money of his personal privacy, also he takes his iPhone to go to street sold out to get money as pay a debt!

“I don't think that all of these things belong to own wrong, Opposite he thinks that all about things and lost money for “A” cause reason

“B” back to home after, whatever anythings “B” hurt “A” the first, then sip several wines get drunk fall down on the bed.

“A” The body thorough was hurt, just she crawls out who heard someone louder call her name;” A!, B is at home?”

“A” heard a sound from yangping,”A lower voice speak;” Yes, he is out, not at home, dear, You go on the bed wait m!, I go to loo soon back to.”

Yangping said;” I already to know “B” let you alone at home, such the better, for us convenient!”

“A” see the” B” into the thick black home, suddenly she goes out the door, Forgot the pain fast toward far away......



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