Might I wander the eye?

The double hands enter pocket,No destination walk on the road between the company and home,since you are gone after,my life always stay on during between company and home,it seems like lack some color or else what。ago, every time I walk on the street district,Very special hope able to meeting you,just both meet to say:hello。 now I knew this impossible already,impossible meeting you again,because of you back to hometown yet.....       this is a spring seaon,one of the love sprouting seaon,many of the single youth people begin tidy the winter of sorrow ,wear up the charming light-color to seek the another one of self,or direct to say seek own of the hunt。 I also gradually go out that sense to you,It‘s like the earth equaltor,not only far distance and repeat rhyme,can‘t look the end ,don’t have belongs us the endpoints。    past some days I familiar a girl,just a little beautiful ,she is people‘s teacher,I buy a bunch of rose flowers give her,our emotions develop so fast,now she is my girl

Meet unrequited love

Many girls who probably have a "aliang" of name by her heart, He is alive just like that 

very ordinary of youth period years of throw a bit light, I have multicolor light belong to myself.

 M the first time appear in my sight, It's just going to the school that night, bed opposite the girl 

hold a photo to me just she takes a photo, the shine of sun on him very fancy special face, at that time, heartbeat so fast than past, It looks like very special, Just when back open memory belong to both each other meets of the best family relationship, always can't ability  say to clearly that who the first near opposite. I and the M the same. I only remember that night who the exam over of one term end, The "M" drag a chair sit down  by me, Yet I don't brave lookup due to shame, Just stiff of eyes look the map book, I am not turning over a paper of 

sheet for a long time, after hold pen, signature up my name.at high school on future time, that 

a paper of sheet map book to be sneak miss him of memories?

Then, We are between the relationship to gradual establish, we will each communicate letters in class, also will each other talk about funny boring stuff off class, and will when 

the raining share with the one umbrella, Yet throughout can't prevent the power of love, He has been to be another person" Mr right" sometimes He also will ask me that why the "Mrs left" 

can't like me the same make long hair, Why not have personal privacy of between the lovers

she want to see his ID card, after she gets it, sees Picture On the ID Card that seems very 

skinny and dark black as a Monkey till now the memory are refresh}, But I only can the bitter 

of laugh and swing head, I don't know I explain. although seem them handhold hand on the 

the playground is walking that makes my heart sour, but I feel the "M" classmate are worth as the 

the same beauty and the same smart together with "Mrs. Left", for a moment, I hope the "M 

"classmate really ability go together lifetime with "Mrs left"

 When I get this information notice, excited forgot anything, I laugh at him and pat him 

shoulder lightly to say; you will meet the best one!" wait for me again please" of course I know a 

little in my heart. perhaps It's me forgot the time, It's not waiting for anybody, Because effort when  I make them better," M Mrs" classmate round has been found many of "Mrs left", Many of Mrs left make me fear and lost, so cut off the contact ways gradually, some times cross meet each other laugh call"older brother", then turn to smile bow regards, Final each other pretend nothings go away.

 This unrequited story to here, not end, also haven't next stepped to development, It's at celebration each other chat not tight and not slowly go head move.

 At this very long time lifetime, I and "M" are stranger guest each other, Then we will meet the more and more people, many of different face with name connect together into life, but 

at this lots of crowded, If want let people catch hold, Just only one, I'm not sure myself 

whether meet or no meet yet. also not sure whether can catch by me, but I hold believe, the 

lucker or things, Just you catch it, I anytime will not release hand. at that time, I will 

laugh at and tell him; Go, follow me, I wait for you has been so long time.


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