I have one of an intimate friend

Happiness tells you, I have one of an intimate friend, Though her not so pretty, but make me 

love, her grace、classy printed in my heart, Every day would like with her together, speak 

up several words, the mood gets better whole one day.


  I'm so proud to tell you,I have one of an  intimate friend, though she doesn't have a high 

deeper knowledge, she has various of truth, make me be convinced, I would like with her 

every day, talk up several sentences, It's enough cleanup mine soul

A proud to tell you, I. have one of an intimate friend, Although her, not my wife, but. the 

same to take care of me and for help, Let me live in happiness, every day want with her 

together, her lightly a kind of hand gesture and eyes watching, enough fall off my skeleton.

  Sneak to tell you, I have one of an intimate friend, her slim body, charming shape, let me 

mess up,  every day want together with her, lightly pull down her hands, body wigglings 

every night at the dreams

I know, intimate between common friend  and lover, Sometimes want to be friends with her, 

but sometimes want to be a lover with her

  Make to befriend, It's can get along the lifetime, each other to help, with happiness 

along with share and with difficult each other help

  To be loved, let person fell in love with her, let person crazy love, let person became a 

personal private treasure, with taking her, also have a few danger and sweetness


  When I stand on between intimate and lover scale of difficult part either, Her phone 

suddenly became a few more, the person also will suddenly disappear, at this time I lost own 

soul, Soul doesn't go home, especially when her alone go out with another man together, do 

things together, my heart so painful. the painful heart just like fall in a valley by 

somethings, for her, lost sleep, for. her stab, for her, understand angry, Turn back to 

know, It's my lover,I fell in love with her.

The night so too long, the heart that pain, Human is that tinny weak, the night too long, 

Because quiet can make me heard heart crash sounds, heard a drop and drop blood fall down, 

clearly fall down and quiet calm no sound alone desert in, make to be together flowing 

water, pumped to without border big sea, mentally get rid of body float at the top of cloud, 

forever without fall down, float float float...It's soon crash into the underfloor.....

The wife suddenly wake up make me awake, let me back to reality, turn back to wife warm 


at this time are you in a far place struggle? I, deeply bless you safe and joy

  At this time are you in her arms enjoy? I am in the riverside bank below trees come and 

back keep, flow water by here, but always incompletely flush out all miss

  At this time, I, unable think up mine intimate, she has changed with the time running up, 

in when the rainbow is gone of wind rain

I see, my happiness is here, people have three duties (for son duty, for husband duty, and 

for father duty). that give up self, give up the life not can, she throw away me, life and 

family haven't away from me, I have to for my family alive, as grandpa alive

  Her not me intimate, also not me gold house keep the treasure of lover, She has her 

intimate friend, she has her common friends, she has her direction, and her freedom. It's 

can at rain night with another person together walk, in the phone can hear a few laugh 

sounds, Joy sounds that beauty and common, she also can far away you alone with general 

man's kilometers walk and ride, that's intimate. I can't hold my dream lovers, that's let 

her make me good teacher, make the best sincerely friends, my intimate, slowly getaway, in 

memory yet wonderful, You forever the best memory of me, my intimate!

  In the future of daily, Maybe It's the best friend of me,Maybe It's me dreams lovers,Maybe 

still It's me intimate.

   But do you know?at belong to you glad happy happiness in,I deeply bless and pray for you 

  Will you remember me? When you meet difficultly confused, Just you call me, I will as all 

fighter same loyal prepare to get launch for you, anytime wait to ready...

   At this time are you on the way back home? I am on the way around to see.


sometimes disappear and sometimes discover in my memory, nice and painful, joy and 

disappointed together a mix, put me forward to life in, I, choose to wish forward, at 

forwarding daily, probably have belonged mine intimate


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