effort go ahead it’s a real truth

I usually think: although not for what the far ideal,for to good life,you also must effort struggle,don‘t say what romantic life,fuel、rice、oil、salt also make you terrible。 plan my road,step by step to go,not with mouth to say,with the heart to do,in we can master and struggle time,to raise our life quantity,don‘t a road its bend,also don‘t have a kind of effort it’s diserted,beause the life bright isn‘t by an end to talk good and the bad,life’s running,depend on insist,the all of sucessful,depend on effort,although have one hundred reason abandon,you also need to look a reason hardly,don‘t for else,just for in the future that you,wouldn‘t blame ever that you。     whenever life on the road will meeting many obstacles ,all wish we can pay all effort ran this distance,nobody for your failure resposobility,only for your success to congratuation!the effort‘s significance  it’s for to see the bigger the wolrd,it‘s for own freedom  to choose  life chance,it‘s for in future don’t bow the head

pull out stab of rose

 Perhaps, Both of us don't fall into society of prince and princess, perhaps, You and me 

only are pairs of a stranger or guest, both are tied together by the cruel cut off  a pair of 

wing of fate prince princess.

 Life is fair for anybody but seems not too far.I crazy when I was young 

ever, also have that nice dreams, with the most girls are same, as a student in a period of 

me, like very shine handsome boys, like hiding at playground somethings little corner, come on 

encourage for my white horse prince in heart,sneakily write full words about myself of on 

paper a card, the junior school period of a student, pretty yet naive, yet sweetness as well.

 The time, sneakily run gone suddenly always, at junior school for three years, I am with the 

excellent exam score into a special important private high school, yet at that year,2010 

year, mine life, because of him, fall into hell complete.

  High school the one grade of the  first terms, the school having a kinky sports game, at 

that time of me that always thinks for a lucker of myself, because of at that time sport games 

, I meet an older student than me, at that time he youth and pretty, the handsome face 

surface, in sunlight shine down, that let people want move to him........with natural, me and 

he is near both, like other youth girls and man the same, get started to eat food, make a 

appointment, to play, together to study, to discuss, together make sport at the playground 

, It's head of basketball, Once tech me play basketball, and also teach me how to throw basketball, My subject exam score hasn't fallen down fail who the teacher often said to me about young early love, opposite I get the first-grade bonus of this terms when I was the high school one grade the last exam, Perhaps that probably at that time that thinks "the 

stronger powerful of love", the youth of me, we will together hand to hand and shoulder to 

shoulder go in the campus that time I think, Just me I think,"the love"haven't followed me 

ideas that smoothly to go.......

  2011 years begin, It's my high school the first one-term starts, a weekend of night, It's 

usually like the same I with him, We together went to that restaurant of the best love, order 

food name that we often  go to eat that several foods, also have my best love" my mother 

cooking noodles", It's different are...this times no longer two people have dinner each 

other, also have the relationship special well who several some other school basketball team 

staff, It's very normal to seem likes, he introduces me to them, then the party end, It's just 

nine's clock night of Beijing. go out that little restaurant, that basketball team wave hand 

go away to him. that night, to be can't back think the memory of my this lifetime.

 With friends wave hand far away, his face suddenly toward  to me, I see his face have some 

heat and the face line shape so fancy and the lip sexy so special, after him lightly move to 

me lip side. It's right! all people are prolong shall know, then we went to the hotel, so 

amazing, He didn't go hurry to push me down as they watch TV hug me, pat my forehead and 

lightly say; "get washer", and I lightly to reply; 'um", naively think like many watch TV that 

the lively scene, When I go out away the room, I silly completely.......


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