The white of hairs, you take me to roaming

I stay here this road of our are the most of a familiar street, that coffee shop at the turn corner, It’s the same decoration, but body near lack the one of you.sit by he windows position, look outside of people come and gone, attempt in crowded find that a familiar of body shadows.

  Emotions back to three years before, the same place and the same of position, that two words you said so heartless, let me so disappointed. I calm myself say lie, said; Doesn’t matter, I still live very wonderfully If don’t have you exist. But you don’t know, as you apart have a someone cried as pouring rain, like a miss the way of children, can’t find go back of the home road. I want to left, but I know don’t have the ability to cover your go of direction, I don’t have the ability to let you stop down far go of step. I don’t want so that low head at the final, at least as you miss me that time, at separate let you feel me so friendly.

  You don’t know, I will select around that street since. I fear I will miss you, scared of myself still to love you that ever together warm sweetness. but also have more wish another street corner could to meeting you, Will see you that a pair of bright eyes, certainly can to talk with you said; a long time to see each other. Just separate those nights, Not to say; good night. don’t have you here of this house, all the thing feeling empty. want to for you send a message, edit so many times after begin to delete it again. want to call phone for you, But I fear that place spread another person of voice. the missis poison, swallow of me the whole heart. understand are miss her, but cheat of myself to said; forgot her. understand her to go far and get away, but my heart still can’t forget her.


  We’re separate didn’t have grouch. Just I complain me didn’t have the ability after her, you go off the direction. Didn’t have ability gave you, what you want of emotion of love. I love you too passive, so as we’re separate I should display out gentleman, take you far away with smile.No matter, you don’t go apology, don’t back head to see. the emotions should are you promise and me willing in original, Just don’t want let you to seen me very poverty of shape.


  I will gradually back to belongs to myself of life circle, cooking race doesn’t need to make two people of one dinner. the pillow also left only one on the bed, in the morning get out of bed, no longer will not see brush washing of performing that two bunches are tightly lean of the toothbrush. I also will gradually start to the touch of new folks, the hunt for my happiness.


  With you, each other to love ever, Never regret ever, I am very proud. I don’t want to request you how to do it, don’t need to concern as well, also don’t need to miss. I will not forget it ever I stay with walk road ever, Because of that’s me, the funniest of time. as you walk into the marriage of the hall with her, please must be inviting me, I just think to see you the happiness of shape in the final, although stand you're beside of person It’s not me.


  My life as ordinary not too perfectly, don’t have drop-down lonely of that result ever for you, just sometime suddenly will miss you, but your face became the more unclearly. that a word I still remember it, you said; as you the white of hairs, Take me to roam.


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